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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • The most versatile GoPro Mount - and it's cheap!

    We repeatedly get asked where I mount the camera whilst kitesurfing, well after many trips out to Hatteras, North Carolina to join the legend that is Dimitri of Epic Kites, I discovered what I consider the most versatile GoPro mount ever!
    Click on the images to enlarge!10488241_10152571626103764_3629105630967554587_nAbove: Marc sporting the Blast GoPro mount!

    Yep you got it, in the mouth!
    Whilst the GoPro is in your mouth the angle of vision will be similar to that of a helmet or chest mount but this is just the start. Simply remove the camera and hold it down nice and low, or maybe way above your head....get creative!
    The reason Dimitri (and now me) use the Go Pro this way is it simply offers you so many options. The GoPro float on the back fits pretty well in the mouth and if I do drop the camera....it floats anyway so another tack and I've picked it back up and inserted it in the mouth this time a bit deeper!!
    By having the GoPro in your mouth rather than attached to a helmet etc allows you to very quickly hold the camera wherever you need it, and so allowing you to get otherwise out of the question shots.10565167_10152579879296294_3707809003559736774_n
    It even works for other sports like MTB, Snowboarding,SUP and Wakeboarding although I have been told off before now for using it in some cable parks!

    Shots like this are only do able with the camera in your hand.....10564991_10152861867171294_705296971518044099_n

    Please make sure the Float is very well attached to the rear screen of your GoPro, so far I have only lost one GoPro using this technique...the float was still in my mouth, the GoPro had gone!!

    ps. a word of warning, if your doing video you may sound a bit scary with some gagging noises when playing back your days clips so don't forget to turn the sound down when editing!

  • The winds are returning, and we just got wet........

    The last month or two the winds here have been errm lacking to say the very least. There was a slight chance of wind for us today and early am it was showing 20mph so a few of us met at Rest Bay as hopeful as ever.

    Then the rain came, followed by the wind dropping right off a cliff edge!

    We sat in the Blast Bus and chatted for what was probably an hour or two, repeatedly checking the wind, eventually we walked down onto the beach to get a better idea as it was slightly harder to tell up in the car park as it was cross shore.
    Alex and I were keen to got straight on it, as we walked down ready to pump up it was now really blowing hard (weather station showed it as 30mph later when I checked) Anyway as soon as we'd pumped up our 9m's the wind quickly disappeared as quick as it had arrived!

    We decided to launch the kites anyway just to see if we could remember how to fly them, we still have the CrazyFly Tango here on demo so I was keen to try this too.
    We both eventually got in the water and attempted to kite but to be honest it was barely enough wind but I did manage a nice few smacks of some small waves and the sun came out so not such a bad time! Now we can't wait for some proper wind, hopefully very soon!

  • Best Sellers - so far!!

    OK so it's very early days for our new website but already we have a few standouts!
    Obviously we sell a lot of Vouchers, generally to be used for a gift towards lessons and also the "lessons" in general will always be up or near the top of the list but what about the rest of the best sellers?

    As always the Mystic Poncho's continue to be one of our best sellers...hardly surprising as they are such a handy bit of kit for any kitesurfer/surfer etc We are also pretty much the best price online also!!


    Another regular best seller is both Kiteaid and Kitefix, a must to have for the inevitable mishap. The Kiteaid offers a strong permanent repair that is also very very neat unlike some kite repair kits! clear_tube_flat

    We've had a run on the Junior Pro kit recently from Epic Kites. The 4m Junior Pro and the Junior Pro kiteboard have been selling well.....but then again they are pretty much the only kites/boards on the market designed and made specifically for the kids!!
    Check out the video:

    Other big sellers have been Mystic harness's,wetsuits, the ever popular Shinn Monk and more recently quite a few Epic Renegades some of which have headed off across Europe also, we don't just supply the UK!!


  • The Frozen Jam - Blast Winter Kitesurf Event

    With such a strong forecast for wind many people made the journey to Porthcawl for the Blast Kitesurf Frozen Jam from as far away as Margate, Penzance and Newcastle. Unfortunately the wind gods had other ideas  and teased us all weekend with light winds...just enough to coax you into pumping up your biggest kites (or begging / stealing one of the many big demo kites)

    Everyone was waiting / expecting the winds to really kick in on Saturday but they just didn't happen. Never mind, there was loads of kit to drool over from some of the key players in the market, including all the latest boards from Shinn and kites and boards from Airush, with Mike B on hand to explain the technical differences in person.

    Saturday evening and it was off to the Pub to watch Wales win a game (at last) and onto the Waterfront to meet with many of those that had stayed down for the whole weekend. There was plenty of hope for the next day with yet again a solid forecast so we went to sleep dreaming of a session on 5/7m kites.


    Sunday arrived with once again light winds, no problem it will pick up soon so everyone kitted up and once again headed out on the big gun kites. The Ozone Airush, Flysurfer and Airush Vantage race kites were the choice kites. Since they were already all on the water by the time I was heading out I took a 10m Ozone Catalyst and Airush Sector out.....amazing! The Airush Sector truly is a light wind weapon.

    Whilst everyone cruised the shoreline on 17/18m kites I was able to head out the back and do some huge tacks the length of the beach. Then at around 3pm mother nature decided to show up and boy was she in a bad mood, the winds went from 15mph ish to over 50mph in a matter of a minute or two. Obviously there was instant carnage! Everyone tested they're QR right there! The Airush Tent could have done with a QR also...Mike B was seen literally hanging onto it as it fought to self launch at one moment.


    It was time to call it a day and head to the bar for the prize giving! Instead of prizes given out to different categories like best trick etc it was decided to hand raffle tickets out to everyone, that way all got a chance to win something, instead of just the usual few people.   We'd like to say a huge thanks to those who helped make it yet another great Jam, despite the poor winds...we could not do this with out you. Airush / Shinn / Kitepix / Epic / Axis / Ozone / Blankforce / CrazyFly / KXT Photography

    Check out the video here:

  • Hi & Welcome to our New Blog Page

    Here we will keep you up to date with all the latest news in both the world of Blast and Kitesurfing in general.

    February was a quite month here wind wise but we still had a few great sessions and at the end of the month we also had our annual event: The Blast Frozen Jam

    Here's a video of the event: https://vimeo.com/121071988

    Thanks so much to all that came along, we could not do it without you. Plus a massive shout to Mike B at Airush & Shinn for travelling so far and bringing his abundance of both kit and his knowledge/enthusiasm!



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