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  • The most versatile GoPro Mount - and it's cheap!

    We repeatedly get asked where I mount the camera whilst kitesurfing, well after many trips out to Hatteras, North Carolina to join the legend that is Dimitri of Epic Kites, I discovered what I consider the most versatile GoPro mount ever!
    Click on the images to enlarge!10488241_10152571626103764_3629105630967554587_nAbove: Marc sporting the Blast GoPro mount!

    Yep you got it, in the mouth!
    Whilst the GoPro is in your mouth the angle of vision will be similar to that of a helmet or chest mount but this is just the start. Simply remove the camera and hold it down nice and low, or maybe way above your head....get creative!
    The reason Dimitri (and now me) use the Go Pro this way is it simply offers you so many options. The GoPro float on the back fits pretty well in the mouth and if I do drop the camera....it floats anyway so another tack and I've picked it back up and inserted it in the mouth this time a bit deeper!!
    By having the GoPro in your mouth rather than attached to a helmet etc allows you to very quickly hold the camera wherever you need it, and so allowing you to get otherwise out of the question shots.10565167_10152579879296294_3707809003559736774_n
    It even works for other sports like MTB, Snowboarding,SUP and Wakeboarding although I have been told off before now for using it in some cable parks!

    Shots like this are only do able with the camera in your hand.....10564991_10152861867171294_705296971518044099_n

    Please make sure the Float is very well attached to the rear screen of your GoPro, so far I have only lost one GoPro using this technique...the float was still in my mouth, the GoPro had gone!!

    ps. a word of warning, if your doing video you may sound a bit scary with some gagging noises when playing back your days clips so don't forget to turn the sound down when editing!

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