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The power of video analysis!

Recently I have had to do quite a few 1-2-1 lessons with people who are generally at a stumbling block in there progression, it may be getting up on the board for the first time, doing sustained runs or maybe more advanced things such as jumps/rotations or riding strapless etc

Check out the video here: https://vimeo.com/137763067

Whilst doing these more advanced lessons and indeed whilst running our normal every day lessons I generally always have a GoPro on me and try to capture that magic moment every newbie lives for - the moment you get up on the board.

However recently whilst checking the video later in the evening I noticed a number of very small things a particular student was doing wrong - repeatedly!

This was even though I was forever giving advice to the guy on what exactly to do. So...the next lesson we met up before hand to go over the previous lessons video footage.

The student examined all the short clips in great detail and really slowed down the action so we could examine everything in great detail (the beauty of 60fps).

"Anyway we headed back into the water and bang, the student was up...every time and doing longer and longer runs back and forth along the beach - as you'd expect he was pretty ecstatic!

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