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Shinn Nubo Carbon Foil Board

Shinn Nubo Carbon Foil Board

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Shinn Nubo Carbon Foil Board

Nubo 65 L   4’10” x 23” x 3.9”                    

Nubo 85 L   5’0” x 25” x 4.5” 

Nubo 105 L   5’5” x 27”x 4.9” 

Nubo 125 L    5’11” x 30” x4.7” 

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The Nubo is our no-compromise Wing foil board that combines performance and accessibility in a range of 4 sizes to suit all riders and conditions.

Designed around our Compact Board Concept - minimizing un-needed length and width in favour of rider friendly thickness -  the volume has been carefully distributed to make starting effortless even in the lightest of winds.

Insanely easy to release from the water the unique base channel combined with hard edged rails and a flatter tail rocker ensure you’re flying whilst others are still pumping.

Our concave deck shaping lowers the centre of gravity to increasing foiling stability and surrounds the full-cover deckpad. 

The Nubo has inserts for 1, 2 or 3 strap settings and a base mounted carry to handle to ensure getting in and out of the water is as easy as riding the board.

Developed with an EPS / carbon/glass-biax construction, the Nubo delivers a strong yet lightweight construction.

Construction info: 

At the heart of the Nubo is a CNC shaped, light-weight EPS foam core laminated with a combination of Carbon and Glass fibre Biax layers ensuring a stiff, light and durable foilboard. The industry standard 90mm spaced foil tracks are embedded in high-density PVC foam and carbon ensuring their strength and rigidity is integral.


Featuring enough nose lift to recover from inadvertent touch downs the Nubo rocker is optimised to maximise waterline length, essential in achieving take off speed with light winds and small wings. A slight tail kick makes it easier to kick the board up onto the foil without the reduction of volume in the rear of the board that radical cut-aways create.

Balanced Volume distribution

A carefully implemented volume distribution is essential in providing a stable and easy starting platform together with balanced riding when not on the foil. The chopped nose of the Compact Board Concept ensure the minimum possible length without compromising the boards volume and also helps recover faster from accidental touchdowns.

Base channel

A pronounced channel is featured through the base on all the boards in the Nubo range. Forcing air under and along the board reduces the stiction effect of the waters surface allowing for both easier acceleration and faster take-offs. 

Footstrap options

Featuring multiple options all sizes of the Nubo can be set up with one, 2 or 3 strap arrangements. A variety of stance widths (2 positions on the front straps and 4 on the rear) ensure every riders stance can be accommodated. We’ve used M6 machine screw inserts ensuring a tight and strong connection that won’t wear out no matter how many times you put the straps on and off the board.

Don’t like to use straps? The Nubo can be ridden strapless too. 

Foil Scale

Ensure your set up is perfectly tuned for every session and set of conditions. Foil position is one of the most critical aspects to ensure you are in control and can extract the maximum performance from your gear and our scale allows you to dial it in exactly time and time again.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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