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Peter Lynn Escape V8 15m

Peter Lynn Escape V8 15m

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The V8 Escape is a hard poppin’, big boostin’ freestyle machine that combines the best traits of multiple LEI design shapes into one.

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Feel like you can do anything with the new Escape V8. Whether you want to go fast, boost big or practice every trick in the book, the V8 will act like an extension of your body, completing your moves and adapting to your needs. The winning and distinctive features of the Escape have been kept: intuitive and direct handling, super responsive feeling and no compromise on power. With the improvements on the canopy the V8’s performance stands out big!

The V8’s Laser Tech canopy is smoother and prevents creases from interrupting the airflow, which makes the kite more efficient, even in gusty conditions. With a smoother kite, the handling on the Escape V8 upgraded significantly and completes any kiter’s riding style. The Laser Tech, in combination with a higher angled profile, makes for a more stable and explosive kite: whatever you want to do the V8 will keep going strong! Throw the most radical moves, boost insane kiteloops or progress through tricks: the V8 enables any rider to boost their confidence!


By shortening the trailing edge (combined with the laser cut canopy), the wing profile has been tightened, overall improving the Escape’s flight.
By cutting the canopy using computer controlled lasers, the overall shape of the kite is smoother and more precise, so that the kite becomes more efficient even in the most gusty conditions.
The Escape is a loved kite among many. So, whilst we were improving it, we made sure to keep the characteristics which make it special: being a big air and freestyle oriented kite that is still user-friendly. By shortening the trailing edge, the Escape now flies slightly more back in the window, which generates more power to use for pops, especially for unhooked jumps. By making the Escape V8 faster but still very stable, the low end has improved. This makes the V8 suitable for riders who want a kite that always feels super solid and secure.
When flying the Escape, you’ll immediately notice that it’s even more direct and responsive than before. By having the canopy laser cut using computer-aided machines, the profile is precise and super smooth. Because of the enhanced design of the Escape, the kite performs exceptionally in most wind conditions. In strong winds and gusty conditions, the V8 is super stable. Its big air and boosting capabilities have been further improved, allowing for faster riding, higher jumps and bigger megaloops. With all wind conditions, you can notice that the kite’s steering is more direct and responsive and that it moves quickly through the wind window.


The Escape’s smooth power and predictable handling give the rider a feeling of trust and control that inspires confidence from the first ride. The 4-strut design offers a balanced distribution of power and great stability. The big strut-less centre section gives the kite loads of grunt while the squared wingtips help with direct and responsive steering.
The Escape’s pulley-less bridle makes the kite responsive and direct. This allows you to place the kite exactly where you need it. The short bridle makes it turn fast and as tight as you want, a great feature to bust out kite loops. The fast turning also makes it easy to work the kite in lower winds, helping you to stay out on the water longer.
Thanks to its fast steering, stability, and predictability, the Escape V8 has a large usable wind range. Get out sooner and stay out longer. The wide centre panel of the canopy gives you the grunt and stability to fly in a wide range of conditions.
The Escape’s open C-shape gives the kite a huge amount of power, especially when you send it for a jump. Thanks to the excellent bar feedback, the rider always feels in control and will be able to place the kite exactly where they need it to utilize its power to the fullest and bust out crazy moves.
Experience all the possibilities with the new Escape V8. Proven on world stages like the World Kiteboarding League and Red Bull King of the Air, the Escape is built to offer the explosive performance you’d expect from a freestyle kite. The V8 is a boosting machine which enables anyone to progress through tricks and big air jumps. Built with accessibility in mind, from the first launch you will feel the performance potential of the Escape V8 come alive!

The 8th generation Escape maintains its high-quality materials and build, with its unique 4-strut, open C-shape design. The kite’s its wide middle section and deep profile increase the float, keeping you up there during your big air tricks and megaloops, whilst still providing solid upwind to keep you in the competition box or close to the beer cooler. All this power that the Escape generates is kept in shape by a short, pulley-less bridle that makes the V8 highly responsive and very precise. Furthermore, a few improvements have been made to make the V8 even more special. The Triflow panels on the leading edge add smoothness and stability to the leading edge. The trailing edge has been shortened so that the kite flies in the power-zone a bit more, so to generate even more power for big air jumps and for rotating tricks. The laser-cut canopy of the Escape V8 has become super smooth, limiting all wrinkles from forming in the canopy and making kite more efficient, and the flight behaviour more stable, direct and responsive than before.

The Escape is designed to connect to the rider. It feels like an extension of your body, that’s why you will feel comfortable and inspired to push riding right from the first launch. Combined with endless possibilities of style and riding, the Escape V8 will make you want to kite 8 days a week.
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