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2018 CrazyFly ATV Surfboard

2018 CrazyFly ATV Surfboard

Regular Price: £745.00

Special Price £695.00

Availability: In stock

The All Terrain Vehicle is the most versatile board in our range.

The board handles a large variety of conditions ranging from small to big waves.

With a medium rocker, the ATV planes early and generates speed.

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Regular Price: £745.00

Special Price £695.00



All terrain vehicle.

The All Terrain Vehicle is the most versatile board in our range. The ATV was designed and developed with Tommy Gaunt, who has been shredding waves all over Australia, Antigua, Cornwall and Scotland, so the board handles a large variety of conditions ranging from small to big waves. With a medium rocker, the ATV planes early and generates speed. Even at high speed, the board has plenty of grip and is easy to handle. This makes it the best choice for riders looking to get into the kitesurfing discipline.

For 2018, the ATV has not only a brand new construction, but is now coming from a new factory in Europe. The new ultra light construction is as close to a proper surfboard as a kitesurfboard can get. There is no bamboo reinforcement, so the ATV now offers amazing flex and a real smooth surf feel. It is very forgiving and comfortable to ride. Under back foot heels, we use carbon fiber reinforcements, so the tail can hold a lot of pressure. Overall the new ATV is lighter, durable, more flexible and overall a lot nicer to ride. 

Whatever the conditions are, the ATV is always ready to handle them.

  Marc enjoying the alll new CF 5'10" Custom ATV


Here's our review of the 2016 board: http://www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk/blog/crazyfly-atv-kitesurf-surfboard/ but the new 2017 CF ATV is even better believe me!!


Blast Review of The ATV
For as long as I can remember I've been looking forever for a board that is good at it all instead of having to have several boards for different conditions, I think I have at last found it, or at least as close as possible!

We've been using the ATV from CrazyFly quite a bit lately and have to say we love it. We've used it in onshore/cross shore  / light winds/ strong winds / strapped and strapless and it really does do it all with ease.

See photo's taken from video the past few weeks here....
I spoke to the guys at Iksurf mag before getting the board as I knew they'd tested it and they told me to just get it, they were that impressed with it.

It's a very very smooth ride compared to most (nice concave on base) and it also has a very nice slightly thicker than normal soft deck pad which also helps the ride (surfboards often have extremely thin deck pads and as such after a while are hard on the soles of your feet and heels)
The ATV comes standard with all you need, i.e. the Deck pads / Straps / Fins so you don't have to fork out on more unexpected items, many boards you now have to pay for the extras even fins. (we would recommend a board bag though, as with any surfboard)

The 6' ATV also has enough volume in it to be used by the inexperienced and is a relatively stable board at 19 1/8" for learning gybes and tacks etc

It's a custom made board i.e. not a pop out and as such is lighter and has that softer flex to it's ride not rigid and harsh like some but it also seems to be tougher than any other customs I've used.

We weren't sure which CF board to choose for our own use and deffo believe we made the right choice...and as such I would not hesitate in recommending it to others.


More from CrazyFly Kites UK Here: https://www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk/brands/crazy-fly/

Test by The Kite Mag:


No, your eyes do not deceive you, this really is a pure ‘surfboard’ from CrazyFly with no additional bamboo reinforcements through the deck. And, if you are going to have a ‘pure’ surfboard, then why spray it up – keep it clean and white. Which is exactly what CrazyFly have done, and we think it looks great.

This is the third version of the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and the shape has been refined once again. It has also lost the 5 x finbox set up and is now a pure thruster. The outline is relatively full through the nose with plenty of volume between your feet and it then comes into a relatively tight swallow tail. We had the 5’10 on test which comes in at 22.5 liters and weights 3kg. Very respectable. Fins are Futures and there are additional reinforcements around the finboxes as well as carbon patches on the final quarter of the deck to keep things nice and solid here and to give you plenty of confidence if you are riding it strapped.

On the water and the ATV has plenty of volume to get you up and going and powering out through the whitewater. We rode it on a couple of decent cross offshore days in the shoulder to head high range and were very impressed by how well it held an edge and by its carving abilities. Although the outline is fuller than a real high performance board we found that you could have real confidence and fully commit to your turns. The construction means that the ride is smooth without any ‘slappiness’ and overall the shape is well balanced and we would class it as a ‘performance all-rounder’. In more onshore conditions the width and float keep it ticking over nicely and you can keep it moving and keep on working with it to seek out the right kind of sections…

In a sentence: We’ve liked the shape and philosophy of the ATV for the last couple of years, and in the new construction the performance and responsiveness is significantly improved.


Wave Test
Additional Information

Additional Information

Component Surfboard
Manufacturer CrazyFly

2018 CrazyFly ATV Surfboard. CRAZYFLY ATV - All Terrain Vehicle....a board for all conditions, strapped, strapless, onshore, crosshore etc it does it all! FREE UK DELIVERY

  • Price: £695.00 - In stock
  • Brand: CrazyFly
  • Product ID: CFatv
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