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The Malus Domestica is the product of a long search for the perfect crossover for guys who ride freestyle a lot, but sometimes find a wave to smash. The wider tail template and parallel rails make it very easy to ride.


Start building your dream board! 

Target production time for custom boards is about 8-10 weeks, but we will keep you informed during production.

If you would like more customisation, feel free to contact us!

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Allround kiteboard for freestyle and small waves

Don’t want to choose between waves and freestyle? Meet the Malus Domestica! Appletree’s allround kite surfboard for freestyle and kitesurfing small waves. It ‘eats’ anything you throw at it and rides upwind like no other. 

The Malus Domestica is the product of a long search for the perfect crossover directional kiteboard for those who ride freestyle, but also can’t resist smashing a wave from time-to-time. The Malus will make sure you get a shot at both, which means you can relish your time on the water even more. 

Easy rides in choppy conditions

Never let choppy and messy conditions ruin your fun, but go out and enjoy it! The unique triple concave on the bottom of the Malus Domestica makes the board very stable upwind and through chop. The wider tail template and parallel rails make It very easy to ride. It will make kitesurfing in choppy and messy conditions smooth and fun. 

Freestyle power 

Be ready to add some awesomeness to your freestyle repertoire, because that comes naturally with the Malus Domestica. The triple concave prevents the board from sliding out landing sideways. And the wider platform is stable to stick the hardest freestyle tricks and landings. 


Key board features


Triple concave

The extreme bottom contour gives the Malus Domestica quite an appearance. But this is not where the board started. When designing a board, we first try to find the best combination of rocker, outline and rails. Only when we have this balance right, we add stuff like crazy tails and bottoms to make the board better. And more exciting!

Thin rails

The deep concaves on the rail give the board great stability when riding upwind. The bottom follows the deck contour, making the effective rail thinner and better through chops, without making the board itself too thin. 

Effective surface

The concaves cut the rocker in the middle of the bottom, this creates a super effective surface for the water to pass underneath. Making the board really fast and early planing. Make sure to move your feet to the front when riding upwind and to the back when initiating a turn. 

5 fin boxes

The Malus Domestica comes with 5 fin boxes as standard, giving you the choice of riding quad or thruster. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

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