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Airush Unit Control Bar & Lines

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Airush Unit Control Bar & Lines

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Premium all-around control system.

Neat, compact, durable.
Single PU-covered centre line with high front flag



The new Unit bar V2
Premium all-around control system.
Neat, compact, durable.
Single PU-covered centre line with high front flag out

For a premium all-around control system that is precise, reliable, and has an expansive trim range, look no further than the Unit Bar. In surf or Big Air, the embossed and sanded-finish grip offers you the ultimate comfort, while a PUcovered depower line gives you uncluttered confidence. In hand, you can feel the reduced diameter tubing make sheeting-out reliable and effortless while remaining neat, compact, and durable.

Covered depower main line.
Internal landing line.
Modus bar ends.
The design philosophy behind the Unit bar is a premium freeride/ freestyle control system. This is the one that we put as much time and effort into making. The best possible bar for the greatest number of riders.
Starting at the bottom we have our proven IQR quick-release system. This QR is designed to the ISO 21853 control system standard. It features a very easy-to-use release handle and a very simple click and reset. The unit bar comes with our freestyle-capable leash ring and a very nice premium elasticated leashing system. This leash ring gives you the option of a standard flagging on the front lines or the ability to set up in freestyle mode which allows for a non-flagging when unhooked, with full flag out hooked in.
Moving up the de-power main line and flag outline on the Unit bar is fully enclosed within this PU tubing. This allows for a very smooth running through the bar and a very low hook-up on your hands, especially if you're doing unhooked tricks where you're holding on in the middle of the bar. The grip on the unit bar has been updated for this year, with this very nice embossed pattern and a raised finger bump that orientates the bar, depending if you grab it from the rear, there's a definite change in the orientation of that bump, so a definite tactile feedback that you've gripped the bar in the wrong direction.
The Unit bar comes with the modus adjustable bar ends. This is a the most compact and smooth bar adjustment mechanism available on the market and it also provides a full 10 centimeters of adjustment. From a 50-centimeter bar up to a 60-centimeter bar in a single conversion.
Moving further up this bar, the Unit bar features our unique high front-side landing line. This allows for the landing line to be a single continuous piece. From 9 meters up on one front line all the way through to your leash ring. This is quite unique when it comes to these PU covered de-power mainline landing line setups, that with this high side-line, we have no knots or elastic-headed line actually running through the tubing. This allows the tubing to be much smaller and also completely eliminates both hook-ups of either the elasticated line or a knot in both deployment and reset. This is a very smooth-running system and very reliable over time.
New for this year, the Unit bar has a stainless-steel cleat, with much more robust teeth. The Unit bar also features an elasticated trim line, which self-stows, negating the need for any additional point to connect your trim line to.

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Additional Information

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