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Airush Lift V3 7m

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Airush Lift V3 7m

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Version 3

Performance freeride & big air machine.

Explosive power, smooth kiteloops, massive lift & hangtime.

Stable airframe for high wind control.


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The Lift is all about boosting, hangtime, and taking performance freeride to new heights.  Ease of use, paired with incredible top end performance, makes the Lift the ultimate big air machine.


Designed for the rider looking for exceptional hangtime, explosive power and stability in the wildest conditions.


This premium fabric is designed with a high-density structure that uses high tenacity double-coated polyester yarn in a double ripstop configuration. The double coating protects the yarn as much as possible from UV and abrasion damage, ensuring that the canopy remains crisp and responsive for as long as possible. This exceptional material is used in conjunction with the Airush Load Frame, resulting in the ultimate combination of durability and performance.


The Gradient Subframe creates a more progressive load throughout the kite, greatly reducing strain on key stress points. We are able to optimize each model specifically for its use. 


The new compact single pulley bridle is optimized for faster, more responsive steering and stability in extreme conditions. Giving you the best of both worlds, the bridle utilizes a stopper ball when sheeting in and steering giving you the fixed bridle experience with the benefit of a pulley that allows for greater depower when sheeting out.


Adjustment options vary by size – the larger size kites have more adjustment options than the smaller sizes.



Airush Bumpers are found throughout the leading edge of the kites to reduce wear and increase durability on rough surfaces. These bumpers are key for increasing the lifespan of Airush kites.

8. SPS & FBI

The oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System) optimizes inflation and deflation. The Fast Bladder Inflation (FBI) features increased wall thickness and oversized diameter tubing, thus eliminating tube kink, reducing stress on your pump, and enabling quick and easy inflation.


Kevlar, found in bulletproof vests, is found throughout the Airush kites. These Kevlar Reinforcements are only put in the most critical areas to protect from wear, while still minimizing weight which affects the kite’s performance.


Both 5-strut kites are designed as solid frames to support aggressive, powered riding. The high aspect and bridle system on the Lift are focused on jumping as high as possible with as much ease as possible, while the Razor is focused on freestyle, with sizes 10m and under, it is more jumping oriented while still maintaining the classic freestyle components.

The key consideration when designing the new Lift was to redefine the capabilities of a kite to provide maximum boost, precise steering and absolute stability.

Behind the design

Driving the development and testing was Jason van Der Spuy, a key new addition to the Airush Big Air team, where he worked closely with legendary kite designer Mark Pattison.

According to Jason

“I knew exactly what I wanted for a future Big Air Kite, as the
discipline was become more diverse. I needed to be able to go huge, but due to some
of the more critical new moves, I needed absolute precision and intuitiveness. Working
with Airush was amazing, Mark and the team around him would rework every size,
every bridle and details till we got it perfect.”

airush-DSCF7641 Jason Yellow Lift Dolphin Beach MD MarkgraaffLift Kite

Jason Van Der Spuy captured by Mitchell Doyle Markgraaff


Amongst the new features you’ll find on the Lift are the intuitive loop and climbing performance, five struts for stability in extreme conditions, and a new and Improved
bridle for enhanced steering response. This is the kite designed for intermediate to
advanced riders who want exceptional hangtime, explosive power, and stability in even
the wildest conditions.

“The Lift V3 is my weapon of choice for Big Air. The kite is very responsive and has great
lift just like the name indicates ;). I use this kite for everything related to big air, from
big boosts to double loops. I recommend this kite to anyone who wants to have a
exponential progression in big air.“ Valentín Hoenderop – Next Generation Airush Big
Air Team”

The shape of the kite is an open C shape with round wingtips for speed and looping on
a dime.

airush-DSCF8533 Jason Yellow Lift Short Lines Dolphin MDMARKGRAAFFLift Kite


All new bridle system
The new compact single pulley bridle is optimized for faster, more responsive steering
and stability in extreme conditions. Giving you the best of both worlds, the bridle
utilizes a stopper ball when sheeting in and prevents the kite from over-sheeting while
giving you the precision of the fixed bridle experience. The benefit of a pulley is that it
allows for greater depower when sheeting out.

Redesigned Body and Planform
The Larger wingtips enhance the steering speed and stabilize the lift from the wingtip
area, while still maintaining a higher aspect ratio for boosting and glide. We’ve increased
the leading edge diameter towards the wingtips further enhancing the tip stability during
high loading and aggressive steering.

Updated Construction
We’ve refined the construction of the trailing edge for smoother airflow. The Lift features
a TECHNO FORCE™/D2 canopy and a gradient subframe, with Kevlar Reinforcement, and
Airush Bumpers for extra durability.


This kite has three bar pressure settings on the
wingtips and a single-point inflations system that optimizes inflation and deflation.


“The Airush was fun to fly, easy, efficient, the average Joe would be amping sending it
on this thing” Ruben Lenten – Blank Kite tester

“The Lift V3´s stability gives you access to far higher winds and confidence – for me that
leads to bigger numbers. Handling is exceptional – trusting, and solid. Amen”
Mike Birt – First Generation lift tester 20 years ago, Still going huge today!

A performance freeride and big air machine giving you explosive power, smooth kite
loops, massive lift, and hangtime with stability in extreme conditions. This is the kite to
give you your new personal best on your Woo score or push your riding limit with
absolute confidence.


Additional Information

Additional Information

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