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Airush Core Foil Board

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Airush Core Foil Board

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- Balancing ease of use with performance.
- Unique hull shape for effortless touch downs and carving.
- Common 16x9 mounting configuration 

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Balancing ease of use with performance.
Compatible with most plate foils on the market.
Unique hull shape for effortless touchdowns and carving.
The Core Foil Board is 4cm narrower than the Progression Foil Board, appealing to the more advanced rider, where the narrower width enables higher angles when edging, while maintaining length for a more freerace-oriented feel.

When looking at the outline, the Core Foil Board features a relatively narrow tail with the wide point further forward. The wider nose optimizes the stability when touching down or getting started, while the narrower tail allows the board to be edged to windward more aggressively, specifically when using a shorter mast or for the more advanced rider going upwind.

The refined bottom shape features bevel rails in the tail with a release edge merging to the convex nose bottom shape for soft touchdowns on any angles.

Configuration for footstraps can be set as a three strap setup with offset front straps or with a single front strap.

The foil attachment system now features a double box system allowing the board to be compatible with most vertical mast, plate style foils.

Custom Epoxy

Custom Epoxy offers the flex and feel of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction. 

We start with a medium-density EPS core (35 Kg/per m3, for the tech heads) developed from our premium fused EPS technology. When using a single skin construction, a denser core is ideal, specifically in the thinner, lower volume boards, such as the Converse. 

Covering the core, the laminate has been extensively reinforced to deal with the demands of kiting with up to five layers in the standing area, and a final layer of Innegra under the heels. Innegra is the lightest fiber commercially available (lighter than water) and can dissipate tremendous amounts of energy, making it ideal for high impact areas. 

Custom EPS offers the flex and feel of a classic surfboard, with the increased durability of the kite specific construction. All custom epoxy surfboards include footstrap inserts.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

I started foiling almost two years ago on a slingshot hover glide, with 4 mast lengths, but felt it was time to progress to a lighter, intermediate set up. I had tried the CR:X set up and also an Axis Ride 48 with aluminium free ride foil, and had decided to go with Axis, but with a trip to Sri Lanka coming up Marc couldn't get the Axis in time, so I quickly read up on the V2 Airush Core and decided to go for that! I ordered 60, 80 and 95cm masts, having learnt that certain locations and conditions are easier with a shorter mast, but in the right conditions a longer mast is really enjoyable! I also ordered both wings, with a view to progress, but also have as much choice for conditions as possible. The larger high lift wing claims to work well not only for beginners, extreme light winds and but also gives a surfy carvey ride in wavy conditions, so I figured this would suit me and local conditions down to the ground.

On initial set up I was immediately impressed with the quality, look and feel of the kit. Also it was a good bit lighter than the Slingshot. Mast and wing assembly was actually 2kg lighter (4kg v 6kg!) than my previous set up! The foil comes in a well padded transit case which is great, and works well for traveling!

Conditions in Sri Lanka were not the ideal foiling conditions that i had hoped for, but were consistent which gave me good chance to compare wings and adjustments on the stabiliser wing.

The larger high lift wing has become my 'go to' wing. It gets up (and stays up!) as slow as 8mph (according to my Garmin) and will get upto about 20mph, plenty fast enough for me at the moment! Adjusting the stabiliser could slightly adjust these figures but I have settled on the middle setting, for day to day use with this wing.

I did have a go with the standard wing but found that the greater speed required to get up made it not quite as easy for me, at my current level, to feel confident in a busy, windy kite spot. Adjusting the lift using the stabiliser did make a difference, and I’m sure, in the right conditions, I will progress even further with this wing.

Despite being overpowered on my 8m for two weeks, my new kit saw huge improvements and loads of fun, which is what its all about!

This Friday saw my first UK session down at Aber, which was awesome! Flat (for Aber!) and very light winds (a Zephyr was out, and people were walking back up wind) and I had a great session on my 10m!

Overall, I think the Airush Core would be a great buy for anyone keen to progress with foiling. Go with the high lift foil and shorter masts to start out and longer masts and the smaller foil as you progress.
Review by Sav / (Posted on 15/07/2018)
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