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2 Day Kitesurfing Lesson / Course

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If you want to become a safe and competent kitesurfer then this is the course for you!


i.e your Lessons are almost FREE

*PLEASE DON'T PAY IN FULL NOW, JUST PAY THE DEPOSIT ONLY* HERE: https://www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk/deposit-for-kitesurfing-lessons/


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Please don't pay in full just pay the £50 deposit here:





Lessons/Courses normally run between three and four hours.
DON'T forget, we will only hold lessons when it's windy enough or re-arrange!

All our course fees include instruction,equipment and ofcourse Insurance. We will provide kites, boards and wetsuits, harnesses, and helmets from sizes small to large. Our courses run at weekends and throughout the week.

This 2 day course will turn you from a complete novice into a safe kitesurfer, taking on board all the basics, plus the theory as well to ensure that you leave us confident to go out and rig your own kit up and get yourself out on the water in a safe manner. We wil also help in choosing the correct gear to purchase,
saving you wasting money on that "e.bay bargain" !

Maximum Instructor/Student ratio is 4 students to 1 instructor although we often do 2-1

If you want to become a safe and competent kitesurfer then this is the course for you!

Let us know your ideal dates and we will do our best to do the lessons on those dates, or if not suitable weather we will roll them on to your next available dates.

This is an excellent lesson for anyone who wants to get into the exciting new sport of kitesurfing
as safe & quick as possible.

Once you have completed your course you are entiltlled to special student discounts on kites, boards, safety equipment and harness's.
Call us for details as this can potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

*Please note, we do not take in car keys from students, these are your responsibilty, we do however sell Key Pouches and have them available in the van at the beach : https://www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk/accessories/waterproof-key-holder-pouch/


Aspects Covered:

 Day 1

Safety assessing
Equipment familiarisation & preparation
Launching procedure
Basic kite control
Water re-launch
Powered body dragging
Directional body dragging
Emergency pack down

 Day 2

Upwind body dragging
Board recovery
Board preparation
Basic board starts
Downwind riding
Controlling speed

Why Choose Blast Kiteboarding?

*Working Closely with Local Councils 
*Highest Safety Standards Possible
*Male & Female Fully Qualified Instructors
*Teaching Kitesurfing since 2000
*Advanced Coaching Lessons
*All Equipment Supplied inc.Kites/Boards/Safety Vests/Wetsuits/Helmets etc
*Fully Insured 7 Days a Week
*Coaching to the RAF/Universities
*The very latest equipment inc. Radio Helmets

Day 1 covers basic kite handling, safety systems, bodydragging and an introduction to different kites and boards etc available + some history of the sport.

Day 2 continues with the all important body drags and hopefully then moves onto board starts and further coaching, ending with the all important deep water pack down.

Blast is also one of only a few Professional Kitesurf School's in Wales.
It also boasts Male & Female Instructors 

All our course fees include instruction and equipment. We will provide kites, boards and wetsuits, harnesses, and helmets from sizes small to large. Our courses run at weekends and throughout the week.

What do I bring?

For this lesson you we recommend that you bring the following;

- Sunglasses
- Sun cream (if sunny)
- Swimming trunks pref not board shorts as under wetsuits are uncomfortable
- Towel and warm clothes
- If you have your own wetsuit / neoprene boots is always best to bring these with you as will no doubt be a better fit.
- Pair of sandles/trainers to walk down to the beach

Its also worth bringing a bottle of water / drink and maybe a snack.

Please note we can not be responsible for valuables and keys during the lessons, however we do sell waterproof key pouches for: KEY POUCH

Please note the level attained during the lessons will depend on the progress made by the individual and this can very obviously vary from student to student but the aim remains the same, to make safe independant kitesurfers who can then continue to practice safely.

Still not sure?

Check out this feedback left on Trip Advisor

After thinking about it for years I finally started kite surfing in the summer of 2017. As an experienced surfer who had done some wind surfing as a kid, I thought kiting would be a good way to have some fun in the water when the surf wasn't so good. Turns out it's now my favorite water sport and I just wish I'd got into it years ago. It's quite a difficult sport to get started with and lessons really are essential - not just to speed up your progression but to do so safely.

Blast seemed like the best place to learn locally (SE wales) for a number of reasons; Marc & Sarah's abilities being very well proven in British championship competitions, the forum on the blast website seemed to be the main online presence of local kite surfers and they had an offer where the cost of 2 days' lessons would be deducted from any kite/board package you later bought from them.

Having gone through my lessons, got all my own kit and spent a lot of time on the water over the last 6 months I'm really glad that I did choose blast:
- The lessons were excellent as was the advice I've received on all sorts of kite gear (plus I'm still getting invaluable tips as they watch me trying to progress by myself). 
- The prices on kit is similar to anywhere online (and often can't be beaten) but with the kind of service you could only get from a local store (Marc's even brought bits I've bought with him to the beach so I could use them right away). I've also been advised to buy products which were both more suitable and cheaper than those I'd asked for.
- Blast really is core to the kite surfing scene in this area and has definitely helped me feel a part of the community more rapidly than I would have done otherwise.
- The trips abroad that blast organise look awesome and I hope to go on one someday - and when I do that I'll likely already know some of my co-travellers via blast.

So, obviously, I'd highly recommend both the sport and blast for your lessons/gear. This probably all reads like a gushing review (I'm not on commission, honest!) but I really do have no complaints and feel lucky to have blast in my area. I think it would be well worth traveling here if you're further afield, and I know many people do just that.


*There is a two year time limit on all lessons booked

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU2 Day Lesson / Course / Tuition

Customer Reviews 14 item(s)

2 Day Kite Lesson
Booked a 2-day course with the guys from Blast and they did not disappoint - first class instruction from Marc and Richie, with sessions jam packed full of hints, tips and fables. Can't wait for some wind now to try the new kite!
Review by K1tesurfers / (Posted on 09/06/2019)
I'd been thinking of giving kite surfing a go for a good few years but your videos being shared on facebook the last year or so made me think about it a bit more seriously. I then saw this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hNNjzhQF9k&t=41s) and, despite the fact that there is not a single kite in it, I immediately decided that if I was going to learn it would be with blast. It prompted me to look into both the sport and blast further and, partially thanks to your website, it wasn't long before I decided I needed to learn ASAP (and then, naturally, before I could do so I buggered my knee and broke my hand in quick succession :lol: MTB/BMX)

The reason that video had such an effect was that I connected with it more than the kite surfing vids I'd seen (in fact, right up until I was up and riding, I was only interested in kite surfing as a vaguely fun way to get in the water between good surf). It showed great appreciation of a place I love as well as for waves and wave riding. I felt very authentic, made by someone wanting to show the beauty of porthcawl/the sea and not by someone purely trying to drive traffic to their business via social media, just because that's what everyone else does these days. Watching it again today, it still evokes a strong response - I want to be out in that water right now!

No idea how much of this translates to other people, but you certainly hit the nail on the head with that video as far as I was concerned and I hope that's in some way helpful feedback.
Review by jons / (Posted on 23/10/2017)
Stop thinking about it, just do it
I have been kiting for about 7 years now but have never tried kitesurfing. After seeing some kitesurfers on the water and watching lots of videos i decided to book the 2 day course. Even though i had flown kites before i found the day 1 intro very interesting and learnt many things, it was a lot of fun body dragging upwind. On the second day i tried my first board starts which is a lot harder than it looks! but i really enjoyed the challenge, when i finally got up for about 5 seconds it was one of the best kiting moments i have ever had. Both Marc and Sarah are great instructors being patient and encouraging. I felt very safe when out of the water and was not pushed out of my comfort zone. I will defiantly continue this amazing sport.
Review by Jamie / (Posted on 09/08/2017)
“Kite Surf Lessons 2 Day Course South Wales Porthcawl - Superb tuition, Awesome Location and Fantastic Modern Kit”
I booked the two day learn to kite course. It was awesome from beginning to end. I have wanted to learn to kite for many years but struggled to find the time and if I'm honest the GUTS ! Marc was a brilliant patient instructor who made sure I stayed in my comfort zone which enabled me to gain confidence and make good progression. I had both days of the course at Coney Beach in Porthcawl which is a lovely big sandy beach with shallow water to learn in at low tide and plenty of room. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the other kite surfers who made me feel very welcome that were out at Coney - many of which have been taught by Blast. I now can't wait to continue my lessons and become good enough to go on one of Blasts Holidays !!

Review by Nic / (Posted on 04/05/2016)
Excellent Instruction, Superb New Equipment, Stunning Location, Friendly Locals - 5 Star
I booked the two day learn to kite course. It was awesome from beginning to end. I have wanted to learn to kite for many years but struggled to find the time and if I'm honest the GUTS ! Marc was a brilliant patient instructor who made sure I stayed in my comfort zone which enabled me to gain confidence and make good progression. I had both days of the course at Coney Beach in Porthcawl which is a lovely big sandy beach with shallow water to learn in at low tide and plenty of room. It was an absolute pleasure to meet the other kite surfers who made me feel very welcome that were out at Coney - many of which have been taught by Blast. I now can't wait to continue my lessons and become good enough to go on one of Blasts Holidays !!
Review by Nic / (Posted on 24/04/2016)
You'd be silly not to!
I took my 2 day lesson in September as I wanted to be sure I would enjoy the sport before investing in the gear. It was the best thing I did, not only did I get top quality instruction on safety, kite flying and board starts, I also got a great welcome into a growing community of kitesurfers. Amazing when you consider that with the money off your gear deal it's FREE!
Review by Glen / (Posted on 20/01/2016)
Top experience.
Great coaches and a positive experience. I previously had lessons about 4 years ago, but had a bad experience with a grumpy instructor who just wanted my money. Thought would give it another go and found Blast just over the bridge from Bristol.
What a difference. Marc is passionate and easy to get on with. He has plenty of enthusiasm and as well as getting the instruction across, knows how to motivate and bring you along.
If you are thinking of taking up the sport, then look no further than Blast :) Worth travelling for.
I have bought a package (Epic) and was given impartial advice from Marc. One my first visit he introduced my to other kite surfers "to keep an eye on me". Cant get better than that. Just wish my shifts coincide with the wind and i started earlier in the year.
Review by Steve / (Posted on 27/10/2015)
Impeccable Service
I had been thinking for ages to learn how to kitesurf being a passionate snowboarder, surfer and wakeboarder together with the standard on shore winds, I was missing my fix when I couldn't go surfing - so I booked a two day course with Marc and Sarah, best decision I'd made!

Absolute professionalism shown throughout the 2 days but kept fun for maximum engagement!

The stories Marc has will keep you on your toes :) The after sales service is impeccable also, helping you find correct kit for you and your riding ability together with further tips, they kindly welcome you to join them to practice what you've learnt when they head down to the beach & make sure you are in a safe environment practicing what you have learnt on the course.

Great community of new people to meet, I highly recommend Blast Kiteboarding!
Get on board!
Review by Ozzi (Charlotte) / (Posted on 28/09/2015)
What a Blast!
After trying to kite surf under the instruction of my novice boyfriend (and getting in trouble with the coastguard!), I decided to get some instruction from people who knew what they were doing. This is definitely what I got from Blast! At the start of the course, I was very nervous about kitesurfing, as I had begun to hear about how dangerous kitesurfing would be - and after my run in with the coastguard, I was beginning to wonder if I was silly to try kitesurfing at all! However, my instructor, Marc, immediately put me at ease with his great knowledge and experience. He was extremely friendly, fun and enthusiastic about teaching our group. The group was very small, and so there was lots of opportunity for 1-1 teaching. Marc was very good at noticing when we were struggling slightly with an exercise, giving us individualised teaching, and praising us when we had adequately perfected the exercise. He also taught us some theory about the power window, tides, etc, giving me a greater depth of understanding of what environmental aspects to look out for when kitesurfing. After the 2 days, I left feeling far more confident, and excited to get back into the water.

Thanks to all the Blast team for making this such a pleasant experience.
Review by CAT / (Posted on 12/09/2015)
Back soon for more
Just a very quick post to recommend Blast Kiteboarding and thank them for their time, patience and good humour this week.

I decided to learn another kite skill and booked a 2 day course via the Blast website, I waited until the last minute to ensure wind direction and good winds.

I ended up with sunshine, warm water and great winds . The kites supplied were this years Epic Renegade 5G kites, and they are easy to fly and stable for novices but are capable kites producing a smooth power build when worked, I guess you could call them progressive.

We flew at Aberavon and it must be the least time I have had to travel to get to a flying zone, the set up area was I guess was within 300 meters of the road, the beach was very clean and free of debris.

Thanks to Marc, Richie and Tom I had a couple of fantastic days learning the basics.

I can’t recommend Blasts Kiteboarding enough to you all, its owned and run by enthusiasts who not only give their students time and attention but are quick to help other fliers on the beach with hints and tips to enable them to progress or nail the trick.

Thanks all, I will definitely be back.
Review by Chaos / (Posted on 30/08/2015)
2 daykitesurfing lessons
I had been wanting to try kite boarding for quite a while ,saw blasts web site and decided to take the plunge and i am so glad i did.

Absolutely brilliant instruction from Marc made to feel really welcome by everybody other kiters as well brilliant weekend by the end of day 2 i was shattered but had a grin from ear to ear I have now got my own 11m Epic Renegade and board and am just waiting for the chance to get to the beach and do more with my own gear .

Everything you use during your lessons is top quality no rubbish hear i would highly recommend the 2 day course
Review by south african rob / (Posted on 28/04/2015)
A great introduction
I booked up for the two day course as I'd thought about trying kitesurfing for a while. The safety side of things was well explained before getting onto the beach with a small kite for some static flying. Then it was time to up the game a little and get into the water. The body dragging exercises went well and by the end I felt confident that I'd be back for more (with my own kit this time)
Marc is a great tutor with a true passion for the sport and I'm looking forward to getting back in the water to build on the skills I've already picked up.
To anyone thinking about giving this a go I'd say JUST DO IT!!
You'll be back for more in no time. Review by Mickey / (Posted on 15/04/2015)
I bought the two day package in January 2015 and have gone from only a basic understanding of the sport (I already surf) to riding myself by the end of the 2nd day. My lessons were split by a week or so due to the variable winter winds but that didn't effect my progress thanks to Marc's enthusiasm and hands on approach to tuition. The equipment Blast provides is all top quality and I felt safe and fully supported throughout my lessons.

Since my lessons, I have made use of the offer that Blast have on buying a kite package so have bought my own Epic Renegade 11m and Blankforce Logic. I've also joined the forum and plan on fully embracing the community spirit on the South Wales coast that Blast have created; which I saw during my lessons with lots of people coming up to introduce themselves, help with kite launching and general hints and tips. And as Marc says, the lessons are just the introduction, they'll always be around to help at the beach if I get into any issues or beginner bad practice.
Review by MattyBoyo / (Posted on 04/04/2015)
Fantastic experience - highly recommended
Bought the two day Blast tuition package during 2014. I found the good folk at Blast very knowledgeable, their focus on safety first and foremost during each activity very reassuring.
The "school" equipment was well maintained and in very good condition. I found the tuition was tailored to my needs / ability and utilised a very hands on "explain, show and do" approach. The course covered all key stages - beach, environment and conditions awareness and how to stay safe, kite design, kite rigging, kite care, kite flying, kite launching and recovery, water based kite flying, body dragging and finally basic board starting techniques.

The help, support and guidance did not end at the end of the two days - The Blast team have continued on every occasion we have been on the beach together to offer support, guidance and tips.

I am looking forwards to seeing my daughter complete this course this summer.

Review by St3v3t / (Posted on 16/02/2015)
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