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1 Day Kitesurfing Lesson

1 Day Kitesurfing Lesson

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A great introduction to the amazing sport of Kitesurfing

Please pay the deposit only here: https://www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk/deposit-for-kitesurfing-lessons/




We are a specialist company teaching Kitesurfing in South Wales 7 Days a week!

This the ideal lesson (and the 2 Day lesson) for those with no prior experience of kitesurfing

We can't teach you everything about kitesurfing in a single day - you wish! - however if you would like an introduction to the sport this is one of the best ways to do it.

Our one day course will take you from the basics of kite flying and theory of kitesurfing to body dragging and self rescue. You will also be taught how to set up, launch, land and pack down an LEI kite.

This course is ideal for people with experience in wakeboarding/landboarding or other board sports who can't afford a full two day course as it will leave you with a knowledge of how to be safe on the water and how to solve some of the problems you may face whilst kitesurfing. 
We will supply all of the equipment required, however if you own a wetsuit it is recommended that you bring it. You will also need money for lunch and drinks. If its sunny, please remember sun cream and sunglasses. If it's wet or cold (or both) bring suitable warm clothing!

The natural progression from this day is either some 1-2-1 tuition or a 2-day beginner's course which will give you the full training and certification required to become a competent kite surfer.



All our course fees include instruction and equipment. 
We will provide kites, boards and wetsuits, harnesses, and helmets from sizes small to large. 
Our courses run at weekends and throughout the week.


*Please note, we do not take in car keys from students, these are your responsibilty, we do however sell Key Pouches and have them available in the van at the beach : https://www.blastkiteboarding.co.uk/accessories/waterproof-key-holder-pouch/ 

  • History / Basic Understanging of the Sport
  • Fundamentals of kitesurfing - wind, sea conditions & equipment
  • Beach Power kite / Trainer Kite flying
  • Static flying exercises
  • LEI* (water kite) Basics / Setting Up
  • Safe Kite launch / Land Techniques + pre flight checks
  • Flying of LEI’s using harnesses
  • Controlled Body dragging – the really fun part!
  • Emergency pack down / Self rescue techniques
  • Debrief and hand outs


*  'Leading Edge Inflatable’ – the type of kite we use for kitesurfing. ie we pump air into the leading edge of the kite.

Kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport if not learnt and taught properly, for this reason we spend the first part (around 30 minutes) of the lesson covering the basics of kitesurfing so you fully understand the sport and have a safe and highly enjoyable kitesurfing lesson.

With the basics covered, it's fun time – kite flying on the beach!

After briefly setting up some training kites, we give a short demonstration and explanation, then allow you to fly them under our instruction. Starting with small kites so you can learn how to fly them without the fear of being out of control. The session will cover flying techniques that will be used throughout the whole course. All of the kites we use have certified safety systems which instantly stop the power of the kite when activated.


Before getting in the water, we kit you out with wetsuits, harnesses, buoyancy aids and helmets, all of which are included in the lesson price. 

We then proceed with the set up of the water kites (LEIs) with demonstrations, individual practice and tuning advice.

Before entering the water it is important to understand how to launch and land the LEI kites safely and how to activate the safety systems. A demonstration of controlled launching and landing will offer the opportunity to comprehend the skill and practice throughout the course will help you learn.

Into the sea – everybody will get a chance to fly the kite in waist deep water before going any further. Once it has become a little more natural to fly, we can move onto body dragging which is awesome fun!

Body dragging consists of using the kite to drag you through the water in different directions. This is the very basics of what we will eventually move onto once we introduce the board on Day 2 

Towards the end of the lesson a demonstration of an ’emergency packdown’ will show how to self rescue in difficult situations. We run through example scenarios explaining ways to get back to land safely or be picked up by the rescue services. Being a vital part of the course, individual practices will follow.

The course finishes with a debrief and hand outs including British Kitesports certification cards, then it's off to the cafe!

This is just the beginning , we highly recommend taking further lessons on the two day course to complete the body dragging exercises, become really proficient with the kite and move onto the board. Although the one day course covers a lot of information and is a great fun, adventurous experience, you will not cover enough to learn the sport and continue on your own.

We generally have One Instructor - Two Student ratio but will always have a MAXIMUM of 4 students per instructor and usually you will be working with one kite between two. 

What you need to bring with you: Sensible sturdy pair of shoes, towel, swimming costume, suncream, sunglasses, and warm clothes if it’s cold.



To take kiteboarding lessons or not is a question that pops up all the time. The fact of the matter is there is no question. Kiteboarding lessons are a must. Here are 10 reasons why you should take kiteboarding lessons :

1) Safety
Kiteboarding is a dangerous sport. Taking lessons will familiarize you with the safety aspects of the sport and how your equipment works. Knowing this means a safer experience for yourself and those around you.

2) Jumpstart your learning experience
Why take months to learn kiteboarding when you can be up and riding in as quick as a few hours? The quickest way to get on the water is to invest in kiteboarding lessons. Kiteboarding instructors use proved teaching methods that will get you on the water in no time.

3) Save Money
A kiteboarding rig can cost anywhere from £1200 and upwards. That's a lot of money to spend if you're not sure if this sport is for you. Kiteboarding lessons are cheap in comparison to spending £1500. Taking kiteboarding lessons will give you an idea of if the sport is for you or not. 

4) Trash someone else's gear
The first few hours on a kite you are sure to give your kite a decent beating as you will be dropping it constantly. If you take lessons you get to use school equipment, which means you don't have to worry about dropping the kite.

5) Meet other kiteboarders
There's nothing more intimidating than starting a new sport without knowing anyone. Blast school is a great place to meet other beginners just like you. Meet other beginners and practice kiteboarding with them once you're done with the lessons.

6) Get cheaper gear
Our School has great beginners packages available to students. These packages are often way cheaper than what you will find at a normal kiteboarding shop.

7) Knowledge
You didn't think you can start kiteboarding by reading your kite manual or browsing the net did you? No book or site can replace one on one instruction. Kiteboarding lessons will teach you valuable knowledge such as how to rig your lines, how to self launch your kite, how to relaunch your kite, how to kite safely, how to go upwind, etc.

8 ) Learn in safe conditions
If you start by yourself you will have no idea what kind of condtions are safe to learn in. How would you know if the wind is too strong, or even how to read the wind? Your kiteboarding instructor will take you to a beginner-safe beach that will make your learning experience safe and pleasant.

9) Try out different gear
Most kiteboarding shops have a huge range of kiteboarding gear that is ready to try. Taking a kiteboarding lesson will give you the opportunity to try a wide range of gear before you buy.

10) Peace of mind
Taking kiteboarding lessons means a kiteboarding instructor is there to help when you need help. If you drop your kite or loose your board they'll be there to help.

*There is a two year time limit on all lessons booked

Additional Information

Additional Information

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An addictive experience
A brilliant introduction to the sport. The power of the kite is truely addictive. Excellent and patient tuition; really good customer service.
Review by Andy / (Posted on 13/08/2015)
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