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Smik North Freo Short Mac

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SAVE £286  Smik North Freo Short Mac

Regular Price: £1,485.00

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Performance Noseless SUP

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Regular Price: £1,485.00

Special Price £1,199.00



The agressive Longboard

// Quick reference to North Freo Short Mac //

single concave nose with double concave through tail. Square nose providing extra glide in a shorter board
Not exactly a long board, but it isn't a short board, but certainly turns like one.
extremely responsive with good line drive, makes it competent in small to well over head high surf. 
Excellent board for the larger fella. But then also a capable entry level short board for a smaller rider. 

→ C o n s t r u c t i o n ←

Carbon PVC Sandwich
Our premium IQC Compression Carbon / PVC sandwich is at the cutting edge of modern construction strength to weight ratios. Found in all Longboards & Spitfires this consutruction boasts unsurpassed levels of mould accuracy which is so critical in high performance designs. Aside light wieght and torsional strength they are also heavily reinforced in impact and stress areas, finished with high impact anti chip paint. 
No matter wether they are deep in the pit of the biggest bomb of the day or sat on the shore line rocks, they are built up to the highest standard possible. 

→ Specification ←

S M I K - H e r i t a g e

Smik stand up paddle is the result of over 25 years experience of Scott's involvement within the windsurf and stand up paddle industry. (Professional windsurfer for 16 years. 2004 world wavesailing champion)

Arguably the first person to bring a SUP into Australia, he was an integral part of developing (design and testing) one of the worlds first production board ranges, which grew to be the worlds largest. (Starboard)

Travelling to all corners of the globe, developing and promoting such a diverse range of boards in a global range of conditions, has culminated to provide the knowledge and experience to develop SMIK shapes. 

When Scott visited an old friend from the Canary Islands (Paulo Ianetti) founder of IQC (Inovative quality composites) he saw a factory who's processes (Compression moulding) can acurately reproduce the original designs. This gave the confidence energy and drive to move out on his own. To produce boards of a superior design and construction to anything else on the market. Something that was Smik.

Ultimately good boards make surfing easier and more enjoyable, which makes you froth to surf more. Having tested countless boards, it's the special ones you don't want to come in on.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKUsmik 8'7"
ManufacturerCircle One
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