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Review Details

Dynabar V9 XT Jaystore - Sliding Spreader Bar

Product Review (submitted on 10 April 2015):
My lovely hubby, Ian got me the the Dynabar XT for Christmas and for our New Years Day kite session I had the chance to use it for the first time. I loved it! Kiting equipment is so personal to people and what suits one kiter won't necessarily suit another, but I figured the Dynabar was definitely worth a mention and would say to anyone to give it a try.

The Dynabar XT consists of the bar pad, spreader bar and sliding hook which replaces the current set up on your harness. The hook, attached to a roller slides along a rope which is attached to the spreader bar. A bungee is also fixed to the hook which helps to spring it back to the middle. It was easy enough to fit to my harness, an Ion Nova, but with my harness straps not having any hook attachment to clip on to the spreader bar, I have to rethink a QR for ease of getting into and out of the harness, but its not a major drawback. The only disappointment was losing my kite knife, as the pocket for this is built into my Ion bar pad, which I wasn't able to swap with the Dynabar pad as the harness hook is stitched into it. It's comforting to see that Ion have a well built product, but on the other hand replacing the bar to keep my Ion pad is not an option as it would mean ripping the pad apart.

Both Marc and Sarah (Blast Kiteboarding) said that the Dynabar spreader bar would take some getting used to initially, but with all honesty I can say that it felt comfortable right away. When I first hooked in and had my kite launched for me, just walking to the water felt much easier and more natural with the sliding hook. The kite was pulling, but because the pull was from the side of my harness and not from the front, there was no need for the odd twisted walk I usually find myself doing. I knew at this point that I was going to like it.

Even though I was out on my surfboard, which the Dynabar seems to be marketed at mostly, I felt that I would be just as happy using it with my twin tip. I do favour a goofy stance, but I made the conscious effort to ride both directions on my surfboard and found my new harness comfortable going both ways. I'm not so confident riding toeside on a regular stance, so was initially wary having the new addition to my harness, but was pleasantly surprised to find it much easier and it felt more natural compared to my usual harness set up, which I've always been happy with anyway. The significant difference is when riding toeside. The sliding hook enables you to have a more natural stance as there is no awkward twisting at the waist. I would also go as far as to say that it could help improve your stance just during general riding as you can't be lazy with it. For the sliding hook to work properly you do need to push those hips forward and not ride along like you're attached to an invisible chair! The hook has to be able to slide from side to side.

I wasn't doing any rotations so can't comment on how the Dynabar feels then, but during jumps it felt fine and I'm looking forward to using it some more.

Ian had borrowed Sarah's Dynabar spreader bar and pad for demo and now wants one of his own. That one also had a fixed hook as well as the sliding hook, which he used for his unhooked tricks, and said that he didn't experience any problems when hooking out and back in again, but I'll leave him to add his thoughts on it himself...
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