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Shinn Jackson Prismatic Foil Board

FREE FOIL COVER  Shinn Jackson Prismatic Foil Board
2 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

2 Item(s)

I genuinely can't recommend it enough and from my limited experience you won't find a better board and foil to start with than the Jackson.
So after a few years of waiting I finally bought a foil board as I was heading out to Zanzibar and I knew the wind would most likely be lightish. I'd read stories about foiling being akin to learning again so after a fair amount of research I went for the Jackson from Shinn as I'd heard this was a set up I could progress quickly on. The board, foil and mast are very nicely designed, they fit together perfectly and once assembled the board and foil have a really solid feel to them, it's not the lightest foil set up on the market as this is not a carbon piece of kit but compared to other non carbon foils it's one of the lightest. I like the bag that the foil and mast come in too. It took about 15 minutes to put it all together.

I will admit I was desperate to try the board and with a pretty poor forecast I went to Aberavon and pumped up my 9m Dice with the wind around 15 knots cross on with the swell about 1m. I'd spoken to Marc (bent his ear) about foiling ever since he bought his first board and he'd given me some very good advice on riding so with this in mind I went in. At this point I'm thinking it's probably not the best place to learn but with one foot in the front strap I steered the kite from 11 to 1 and to my complete amazement I was actually up on the foil. Okay only for a few meters but definitely up on the foil, totally out of the water and it felt AMAZING! A completely new feeling to anything I'd ever experienced on the water. Smooth, silent, no friction at all just a weird floating feeling of efficient engineering. Then I crashed back into the water but by the end of the first hour I was making runs of a few hundred meters in far from ideal conditions.

My second attempt at foiling was in the slightly more ideal conditions of a super flat lagoon in Paje, Zanzibar (for those of us with non kiting other halves this place is perfect, lovely resorts and a massive windy beach within 20 meters of the pool). 10 knots of wind in the morning so I rigged up my 12 Dice with 25m lines and once again I was up straight away only this time I could ride until I reached the end of the reef and had to turn around, I'd touched down a few times on the way but I was back up on the foil instantly. Marc told me it was humbling to learn to foil but honestly with the Jackson this wasn't my experience. Okay I did crash a fair bit, I did some body dragging to get the board and there were a few walks up the beach when the wind dropped but in general I spent more time up on the foil than anything else. I have had to learn a bit more kite control than I'm used to as I tend to go out powered and just go for the traction but I am amazed at how accessible this board has made foiling. There is a real feeling of control with this board as nothing happens too fast unlike a lot of other boards I've heard about. After 5 hours I've taken the foot straps off and I'm stringing together multiple gybes without touching down. I was out when other more experienced foilers were not able to and after a few conversations and demos with the regulars here we'd all pretty much decided this was the best foil on the market in its class, LF, Cabrinha, Slingshot foil riders were regretting their purchases after they'd tried it. Even the other half was impressed with my progress.

Foiling is incredible and it's such a different feeling to what I'm used to which makes me want to get better at it. For me kiting is mainly noisy and adrenaline filled, sometimes painful and I love that side of the sport, big airs and powered rotations but now I have the perfect light wind set up so I can maximise my time on the water and experience a whole new side to kiting. I genuinely can't recommend it enough and from my limited experience you won't find a better board and foil to start with than the Jackson.

Thanks to Marc for all the advice and the lend of the 60cm mast which also helped a huge amount. Can't wait for my next session!
Review by jv / (Posted on 25/08/2017)
Shinn Jackson P wing 90 mast...Awesome
Bought the board with the P wing and 90 mast. I'd watched every YouTube video on "how to" and heard the stories of how long it takes to learn to foil. Most I'd spoken to learned over a period of weeks or months with plenty of horror stories and tales of despair. I've now had 8hrs on the board getting used to the set up and all I can say is I am hooked. I'm up and riding extended distances with only gentle touch downs without coming off the wing. I am able to get down wind and now putting in S turns, much to the frustration of those who have been at it for ages. I initially decided to get into foiling just to be able to get out more but this board and set up has opened up a whole new chapter and best of all it will also allow me to progress further without hitting my wallet. Great service from Blast and awesome product from Shinn...
Review by splashtestdummy / (Posted on 07/08/2017)

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