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Peter Lynn Swell V3 11m USED SOLD

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SOLD  Peter Lynn Swell V3 11m USED SOLD

Regular Price: £1,079.00

Special Price £550.00

Availability: In stock

An awesome wave and freeride kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad.

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Regular Price: £1,079.00

Special Price £550.00




Selling our personal 11m Swell V3 

This kite has only been used a handfull of of times, in truly excellent condition.

RRP £1079

Now used £550

can supply bar for £150


Wave / Freeride


5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15m

Why be limited to just one style? Mixing things up is what keeps things fresh, challenging and fun. This is why we have designed the Swell to be the perfect crossover between wave kite and freeride engine.

Whatever suits your mood or the conditions best, the Swell gives you the freedom to ride, all day, every day. Pull the bar and feel the kite come to life instantly. Designed for surf, the Swell is Peter Lynn’s  answer to riders who like to be versatile. By giving the kite a perfect blend of drift, great turning, low end power, speed, easy re-launch and upwind drive we combined excellent freeride characteristics with wave specific traits to make sure every session is fun whether there’s epic sets rolling in or not.

A kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad; as we believe a kite should not be limited to performing in perfect wind and waves only. The balanced Hybrid/SLE shape of the Swell is designed to be stable and offers the precise and responsive handling that both wave chargers and free riders demand. Its lightweight 3-Strut frame offers maximum stability and slack line drift when you want to focus on surfing the wave. Its quick acceleration and deceleration give you power when you need it and the kite’s highly stable drift capabilities let you focus on your ride rather than  your kite. The shape allows for a super speedy water relaunch which is a must when riding more serious sized surf or when you’re dialling in that new trick.

As we like our kiting experience to be rewarding every time we go out we built the Swell to have an impressive boost and lift, making it easy to bust out some moves on your Twintip. Its smooth and predictable handling, stability, depower ability and controllable lift give the rider a feeling of total confidence right from the first launch.

Should you decide to throw a loop, the Swell will definitely surprise you. You will get hooked to its speed and find yourself pushing the envelope. The Swell’s playful handling makes it a fun kite all around. It’s a kite that will give you the confidence to explore new avenues in twintip freeriding and strapless freestyle.

Rolling sets, chop or flat, Directional or Twintip, straps or no straps. Rediscover how much fun and addictive your favourite sport can be with the right gear.


Sarah Rowley Blast Co Owner testing the Swell V2..........


Peter Lynn’s years of experience with the Twinskin control bars materialised into the Navigator Bar.  The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether you’re kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.

Supplied flying lines are of the highest quality coated dyneema and are the best lines on the market and hands down the best value for money you’ll find out there.


Strong and durable – all connections are extra durable, no heavy loads on plastic materials & little amount of sliding parts.
Smooth – all connections are made as smooth as possible flying lines are free of extra parts that can get caught or tangle.
Simplicity – no excessive parts, no complicated systems & easy to replace parts when needed.


The Navigator is available in four packages, each offering the best bar length combination and corresponding line length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting just one bar for different sizes of kites can find the most suitable setup. By making use of the line extension set the bar can be adjusted to handle a larger windrange.



Precise and responsive

The Swell's 3-strut and balanced medium AR results in a very lively kite

It is quick through the turns, so you can position the kite exactly where you need it
when shredding waves or loading up for a jump. Even completely depowered the
kite maintains its responsiveness, allowing you to quickly power up when you need
to get past that close out section or to get over that big set to catch your next wave.
The Swell’s responsiveness and smooth power make it easy to pop some
impressive jumps.

Light and responsive bar pressure

The Swell’s bar pressure has been tuned with long sessions in mind.

Easy on the arms and joints while still remaining very responsive and intuitive,
letting you know where the kite is at all times. Even after hours on the water your
arms and hands will still feel fresh and ready for more.
This is particularly important when wanting to position your kite in the right place
to get that ultimate ride.
The bar feels truly connected to the kite making it the perfect interaction between
kite, wind and waves.

Designed for maximum stability and slack line drift

Depowered the kite remains totally stable and responsive, a must for
“down the line” wave slashing.

The kite's perfect weight distribution and balance give the Swell the stability it
needs to drift when the lines go slack on the wave or during a trick, giving you
time to focus on your riding instead of worrying about your kite.
Out in the waves you will soon forget your kite and be able to concentrate on
ripping it up.

Exceptional wind range

The Swell has an exceptionally large effective wind range. 

Great low end power, without sacrificing any of the top end will get you going
earlier and will let you stay out longer. Let the Swell surprise you with its
useable wind range, allowing you to work the kite during the lulls, but also to keep
enjoying the waves when the wind picks up.

Get your Swell

  Freeride wave performance

  Maximum slack line drift and rock solid stability

  Excellent wind range

  Low bar pressure for long lively sessions

  Highly responsive and direct handling

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11mused swell v3
Kite Size 11m
Kite Only Yes
Sales Message (i.e. 14% off) SOLD

Peter Lynn Swell V3 11m USED SOLD. The balanced Hybrid/SLE shape of the Swell is designed to be stable and offers the precise and responsive handling that both wave chargers and free riders demand. FREE UK DELIVERY

  • Price: £550.00 - In stock
  • Product ID: 11mused swell v3
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