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Peter Lynn Nova 4m

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Peter Lynn Nova 4m

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Performance is about responsiveness, precision, handling balance and most importantly; the riders experience

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The Nova is our new, unique depower foil kite. This one of a kind foil was designed to unite all the benefits of LEIs, like accessibility, ease of use and stability, with all the advantages of foils: better upwind, downwind, low wind performance and float. 

When designing the Nova we had one goal in mind, to build a foil dedicated to speed up the learning curve of hydro foiling and that provides the best freeride feeling a foil can offer. It offers a stable and reliable riding experience in which you can focus on your board technique rather than on controlling your kite. If you want to spend more time above water but fear the foil, this is the kite for you.
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    To get up on a hydrofoil it is important that the kite doesn’t generate too much sideways pull. Low sideways pull allows you to focus on holding your balance rather than dealing with the power of the kite.
    The Nova’s high cell count and internal construction makes for a firm wing that doesn’t deform or has its tips fold in, this makes the kite highly reliable, and the bridle is tuned to offer maximum stability. The NOVA delivers much more power than an average LEI, making you able to use a small size in low wind.
    Even though foil kites offer many advantages like low wind performance or upwind ability, many LEI riders consider foilkites to be difficult to use. This is why the Nova is special.
    The Nova’s 4 inlets have been placed in such a way that air gets in easily and the internal structure allows this air to move freely inside the kite to speed up inflation. At the same time, the valves inside the wing prevent air from getting out.
    Riding a hydrofoil gives you the freedom to explore kiting in a different and magical way; ride waves, make turns, jump around or just cruise. There are no limits. Combine this with the ultra-wide wind range and stability of a foil kite and you’re golden. 

    We believe every kiteboarder should be able to experience the magic of riding a hydrofoil. To make foiling accessible even to the most dedicated LEI riders, we have created a kite that allows you to focus on getting up on your board without having to deal with your kite. The kite’s incredibly stability allows you handle your foil board without having to worry about your kite.

    Kiting with a foil gives kiteboarding a whole different perspective. With an LEI, there is only a stop and go. With a foil there is everything in between. It’s a Ferrari that drives faster if you shift it well. You learn something new but if you temper it, you will find new possibilities.
    We’ve created an accessible depower foil kite that comes very close to the feeling of a LEI, but with all the benefits a foil kite has to offer: better upwind, better downwind, better low wind performance and better float. With the use of lightweight materials, the NOVA only needs a summer breeze to make you feel magic.

    We have created a wing that doesn’t twist or has its tips fold in. It is highly stable yet agile, and it fills quickly with air due to a smart 4 intake system. 

    We designed the NOVA with a relatively high cells and a balanced cell count, has resulting in a very stiff foil which retains its shape even under turbulent circumstances. 

    Because foil kites like the Nova are highly efficient and deliver much more power per size than LEI’s you will be flying a much smaller wing than you might expect in any given wind speed.

    The float on the Nova is so good you could even use the kite to ride some waves whilst the kite happily drifts along… Riding a wave on a foil board is something close to extraordinary!


    Choosing the perfect foil size is different from a LEI kite. Ask an experienced rider, or contact us for advice beforehand.
    To guarantee your safety the Nova features the proven and trusted industry standard flag out system. It is recommended to check bridle lines, pulleys and the speed system for possible tangles before re-launching. To guarantee maximum safety, stay at home, on the couch, and binge watch your favourite TV show.
    Like any performance specific gear, it’s built out of extremely light weight materials which are more prone to damaging and/or stretching. Whilst we’ve chosen only the highest quality materials for you, it’s still necessary to carefully maintain the kite for its longevity. Special attention should be paid to the bridling and speed system.
    Even though the Nova is an easy to use depower foilkite, it does however require insight on how to fly these types of kites to prevent potentially dangerous situations. Even if you have the skills required, do not fly it in unpredictable or dangerous weather conditions, like offshore winds and/or (thunder)storms.
    Shape Memory Structure [SMS]
    D and H ribs allow for minimal bridle points and optimal cell bulging, creating a firm shape for easy-relaunch , stability and playful riding.
    Bridge TechnologyTension Straps
    Medium Aspect Ratio, high cell count
    Highly stable, accessible performance
    Medium Aspect Ratio, high cell count
    High End Paraglider CANOPY
    High end paraglider canopy with soft coating provided for top and bottom skin combined with a hard coating for the internal body. Creating a taugh yet lightweight canopy construction.
    High End Paraglider CANOPY
    Dynacore Bridle
    Clear bridle plan
    Dynacore Bridle
    One Line Relaunch
    The water isn’t a challenge anymore
    One Line Relaunch
    Ronstan® Orbit pulleys
    A self-securing speed system
    Ronstan® Orbit pulleys
    Single Designs
    For similar performance and feel across the range
    Single Designs
    Reinforced bridle points
    For a secure connection
    Reinforced bridle points
    A smart profile design to reduce weight and create and easy inflow
Additional Information

Additional Information

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