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Peter Lynn Escape V6 5m

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Peter Lynn Escape V6 5m

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The V6 Escape is a hard poppin’, big boostin’ freestyle machine that combines the best traits of multiple LEI design shapes into one.

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SIZES: 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17


The Escape V6's C-shaped design gives it the ideal freestyle and wakestyle performance profile. Specific traits of multiple design shapes were combined to make the V6 Escape into the hard poppin’, big boostin’ freestyle machine it is. The Peter Lynn Escape is a modern C-shape design that delivers explosive power in a smooth and controllable way and offers performance for both hooked & unhooked freestyle tricks.


Intuitive handling and kite feedback 
Feel where your kite is at all times - The Escape’s smooth power and predictable handling gives the rider a feeling of trust and control that inspires confidence from the first launch. The 4-strut design offers abalanced distribution of power. The big strut-less centre piece gives the kite loads ofgrunt while the squared wingtips offer direct and powerful steering. The excellent barfeedback lets riders feel in control and allows more experienced riders to place the kite exactly where they need it to utilize its power to the fullest.

Direct and responsive steering 
Precise and direct turning - The Escape’s minimal, pulley-less bridle makes the kite responsive and direct. This allows you to place the kite exactly where you need it. The short bridle makes it turn fast and as tight as you want, a great feature to bust out kite loops. The quick steering also makes it easy to work the kite in lower winds, helping you to stay out on the water longer.

Large usable wind range 
The Escape performs throughout a large wind range - Due to its light weight construction, stability and predictability the Escape V6 has an expanded wind range for this type of design. Get out sooner and hold on longer. The big strut-less centre panel of the canopy gives you the grunt and stability to fly in a wide range of conditions.

Freestyle oriented performance 
Explosive pop & extreme vertical boost - The Escape’s open C-shape gives the kite huge amounts of power when you send it for a jump.


5m Navigator S 43cm (22m lines)
7m 9m 11m 13m Navigator M 51cm (22m lines)
13m 15m Navigator M+ 51cm (24m lines)
15m 17m Navigator L 60cm (24m lines)


Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Clean leading edge
Dacron reinforcement patches for the bridle attachment points are stitched on the inside of the leading edge.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Double stitched multi segment Leading Edge
Extra smooth, extra stiff Leading Edge shape with the bonus of added durability.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Specially shaped panel lay-out
By using multiple mini sized segments in the canopy panels a smooth and clean transition between leading edge and canopy is created. This improves the airflow and results in better overall performance.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Squared wingtips
For quick turning, solid bar feel, grunt and lift through the turns.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Short pulley-less bridle
For a solid bar feel and direct kite feedback, ensuring maximum control no matter the conditions.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Different settings for different feel
Tweak your setting on the kite to suit your personal preferred bar feel.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Adjustable pigtails
The pigtails are adjustable in length to counter the negative effects of potential line stretch.
Peter Lynn Escape V6 Features Fit all valve
Fit all valve for easy inflation. The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 5mescape
Kite Size 5m
Kite Only Yes

Peter Lynn Escape V6 5m.

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