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Mystic LEN10 Majestic X Waist Kitesurf Harness

FREE PONCHO  Mystic LEN10 Majestic X Waist Kitesurf Harness

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Len10 developed the The LEN10 Majestic X hard-shell harness together with Mystic. It’s built around the stiff and lightweight Bionic Core Frame, featuring an unequalled carbon construction! The specific placement of the fibers allows a frame that is extremely stiff, while maintaining the flex diagonally. The LEN10 Majestic X is the most advanced harness in the Mystic Range, the quickdry Flaremesh lining on the inside gives extra insulation and a soft touch for riding without a wetsuit.


Standard excluding Clickerbar Spreaderbar. Add clickerbar 4.0 as an extra option.


    • Bionic Core Frame
    • Fix Foam
    • Soft neoprene edges
    • Flexcovers
    • HP system with reinforced guidance holes
    • Key pocket 2.0: keyloop with mini-buckle

    • Flaremesh
    • Knitflex

    • Multi hook
    • Clickerbar 4.0
    • Foam cover
    • 1, 2 & 4-Point sytem option
    • Leash EYE



BIONIC CORE FRAMEThe full carbon bionic core frame is made with the best possible materials. This results in the stiffest and lightest BCF, the specific placement of the fibres allows us to create a frame that is extremely stiff horizontally while maintaining the flex diagonally therefor the harness is still able to follow your body.

IV FOAMIntelligent Viscoelastic foam really sets to your body shape, maximises the comfort and helps the harness stay put.

FLEXCOVERSThe Flexcovers are constructed from a super stretch material and equipped with elastic binding to keep it in place. This construction secures the webbing while riding and protects the buckles of the harness.

BATTLEBELT 2.0The Battlebelt 2.0 is constructed with soft neoprene edges and a new Velcro system. It has a slimmer design compared to the Battlebelt 1.0 and is equipped with a safety knife pocket.


Our review on the standard Majestic X Harness...

  • The full carbon Bionic Core Frame is stiff in the horizontal direction, but is still able to twist and follow your body.

  • The shape and the duual layer build up makes bionic core fraame very rigid, but this also allows us to keep some flexibility.

  • The inside of the Majestic X harness features an IV-Foam. This intelligent viscoelastic foam really sets to your body shape, maximises the comfort and helps the harness stay put.

  • The left and the right hip areas have thermo molded foam parts for a good grip on your waist.

  • The Majestic X is available with a traditional spreaderbar or a surf-bar, both with an integrated safety knife.

BIONIC CORE FRAME The patented Bionic Core Frame is made from a thermoplastic composite, made out of full carbon fiber. However, it is not like the carbon you are used to. Instead of using an epoxy resin (thermoset) Mystic use a thermoplastic resin. This gives Mystic a number of interesting features in production, but the most important feature is that the material is 200% stronger than its epoxy counterpart against impact. 
The design aand material allow the Bionic core frame to flex more than a comparable epoxy shell. The process of making thermoplastic composite is a very advanced technology done by a german specialist. The construction method of forming the Bionic Core Frame is done by Mystic's partner in Italy. The specialized process in which the thermoplastic material is formed, is done with extreme pressure. All steps of the process are equally important and will eventually all come together in the Mystic Majestic X.


The full carbon Bionic Corre Frame is stiff in the horizontal direction, but the BCF is still aable to twist and follow your body.

Intelligent Viscoelastic foam really sets to your body shape, maximises the comfort and helps the harness stay put.

The Mystic Battlebelt system has proven its use, over the years it is continually improved to create the best lock around your waist.

Attach your leash on the front, makes it easier to pull the quick trlease when needed and allows you to use a short leash.

The quickest and most rigid quick release system on the market, the 4.0 version is even easier to open.

2 x 25mm webbing system used on both sides of the spreader bar, allows an easy adjustment. The bottom webbing pulls the spreader bar down countering the upwards movement of the kite.

The thermoformed EVA foam wraps around your waist and increases the grip on your waist.

Store your key in an easy to reach safe place.


Mystic take the kite harness to a whole new level with the Majestic X. We have only just been able to release images to you due to the patent process, but even in just a few days with limited data the response has been superb, we are confident this harness will lead the market in 2017.

Yes for sure there are other hard shell harnesses, but there is no other offering the combination of flex in the sides where it is needed, and unchallengeable stiffness in the backplate. Mystic have their Bionic Carbon Frame with a patent pending, no imitations allowed! Contact us for more details.


Additional Information

Additional Information

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