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DIY Kite Foil

Postby DestinationDanger » 07 Jun 2020, 16:06

Ok, I did say I had finished but in reality I had only finished epoxying the wooden wings. Now I have started building the board too. The board is very basic. I'll fiberglass it to make it better. There is no denying that the board itself is looking rudimentary at the moment. The fiberglassed wings are looking excellent though, and judging from the quality can't see them performing massively differently to a more expensive wing.

Fracture Mechanics of materials is more difficult than anticipated.
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DIY Kite Foil

Postby blast » 11 Jun 2020, 09:35

We have these Airush Foils on offer, they are a really amazing foil too. ... oil-offer/
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DIY Kite Foil

Postby Sonnyrider » 11 Jun 2020, 18:13

Those are good foils, I have two. One for me and one for 'her'

I have the 1050cm front wing seeing as I'm a fatty lump :lol: and I'm more about cruising around on smaller kites (trying to) playing in waves ;)

A really good price as well

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DIY Kite Foil

Postby DestinationDanger » 16 Jun 2020, 14:53

Sonnyrider I don't use the forum that much and for a while thought you were splashtestdummy. Now I know you're not as I clocked it. Apologies both if you read this.

I'm also going to need a 1050cm2 the way things are going. I will start on the bigger wing soon.

I chickened out of the full wooden build and bought an Aluminium Fuselage & Mast. Wings are wood with epoxy coating. They are light and seem durable. The Mast seems to be about as light and good as you can make it without making it from Carbon Fiber or Titanium. More expensive ones on the internet look lighter in the videos but they can't be by much.

My board weighs 5kg. It is made of ply, foam and fiberglass. The bottom surface of the board is mostly just foam. It couldn't look any cooler.

I need to trial.

Photos don't upload very easily do they. I'll add it shortly.

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