Anyone know what kite/brand this is?

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Anyone know what kite/brand this is?

Postby JackA » 10 Jan 2020, 22:59

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Im still fairly new to kitting been doing it about 7 months in a buggy and a Flexifoil 3.5 rage and I recently got given a 10.5m foil but have no idea who it’s made by as it just has a logo I’ve never seen before with air traction written on the right side?..also says 3asic on the back of the left and right side.I’ll add some pictures of it.
Does anyone know the kite or the brand??

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Anyone know what kite/brand this is?

Postby blast » 11 Jan 2020, 08:57

No idea sorry but my guess it's an Air Traction (",)

There used to be a very active land kiting crew at Aber many years ago but that is long gone now. There also used to be well used national forums but again they have died a death now.

maybe try
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