Looking to get a first power kite for an 8 year old. please Advise

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Looking to get a first power kite for an 8 year old. please Advise

Postby Spikeysonic » 30 Jul 2020, 00:07

Basic question here is what would be a good age and most important SAFE age and weight to get into kite sports? He will be 8 years old 2 week in August 2020.

He is adventurous, average build, fairly smart and sensible. He is now 60 Lbs/27 kilos but has never flown kits before and I was thinking of getting him some form or entry training kits he could learn to fly rather then get pulled. Also these kinds of kits unlike the average toy shop one tend to be easy to launch.

But I want him safe, not terrified or hurt and not to put his protective mum (ie sis) off this so need her happy too even if the lad is shouting out 'weeeeeeeeeee' with glee going airborne on his first go, that would mean no more kite and moi in the doghouse. We need to get mum on side here at least long enough for her trust us from the cafe :)

Initial investigation has pointed to 2 Kits.

The Cross Kits Air 1.2m £25 or 1.5m £35 (Thinking 1.8 is pushing luck with a 27 kilo 8 year old rookie )

Or the

HQ4 Fluxx 1.3 Trainer Power Kite £49-£59 + £8 for the safety system

The HQ4 Flux comes with a control bar with the option to get HQ Rush Safety System Wrist strip which looks to be a form of kite killer.

The HQ Flux looks a better bt to me due to the bar which is more like what later kites will use so good for practice and I like the Safety system strap but its double the price, Im unemployed and I dont know how much use will be had out of said kite

Its likely this would be used when Im not around ie mum or dad taking him, neither of whole have any kite experience as far as I know. So it needs to be suitable for rookies and as said we are talkign a very light weight clueless 8 year old boy here.

Ie he too young, to small and light?

Would either of the above kites be fine and is the HQ flux worth double the price?

Also which would be better the 1.3 m or 1.5m or is or too small a difference to notice.

This is likely to be used in the local park or fields as he is on the edge of town, in fields / parks surrounded by trees. Not expecting much wind

Have also had a look at the HQ Symphony 3 1.3m kite which looks very similar to the Cross air 1.3m.

can you guys advice please?

Was told this would be useful info

Where are you?

Where do you fly? (or want to)

Parks in North London - Trent Park, Bush Hill Park, in North London, Also Alexandra Palace, Finsbury Park etc

What kiting experience do you already have?
Its not for me, i have had a little experience with a Flexifoil 3.5m bullet. I am asking for my nephew who is aged 8, 60 ponds, 27 kilos and never flown any kite

its not for me. I have had experience with a 3.5 m flexifiol Bullet.. This is to train an 8 year old who has never flows any kite. First kite to introduce and give him a taste, he could build from

What aspect of powerkiting are you interested in? (Buggying, Landboarding, Snow Kiting Kite Surfing, Jumping, etc..)

Training an 8 year old who has never flows any kite. First kite to introduce and give him a taste, he could build from

What are your local winds like? (Averages, gustiness etc.):

Very Low

How much do you weigh? (Not trying to be personal, Bigger people are less likely to be overpowered by marginally bigger kites and most of us want to start you on a kite that will teach you without hurting you.)

We are talking a possible present for a 60 lb / 27 kilo boy for his 8 year old birthday

What kind of budget are you looking at? (just to narrow choices)

£25 - £55

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