Wingsurf Packages info

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Wingsurf Packages info

Postby blast » 22 Jun 2022, 10:04

A shamelss plug - well - wrapped up in some very useful info for those looking to get into the sport. This is a guide to your first kit and how we can help -
I had two close friends learn recently, (never foiled before) and their progress is shockingly impressive, and I'm convinced a part of that was the fact they had some decent advice in their 1st setup and that advice pointed them to decent kit!
In the UK we are doing a freewing package this year - through all AK and Freewing dealers - a whacking great discount on a cutting edge wing foiling set. So if you are thinking of getting into this most awesome sport or who have a friend who is - shoot this vid their way.
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Wingsurf Packages info

Postby kclubcabarete » 23 Jun 2022, 07:38

Thanks for sharing such amazing information. I am looking for it and here I find it. One of my friends looking for this and now I can share this information with him.

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