Airush Razor and bar £200

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Airush Razor and bar £200

Postby Ejones » 14 Aug 2018, 13:11

I have a 2013 Airush Razor 13 that I want to sell for £150.
I also have the bar for another £50.


If you are still reading at this point you must be interested so here is the deal. I bought this kite in late 2014 nearly new. The following year the leading edge blew out, the year after it happened again. I have now spent more than I initially paid for this kite on repairs. The justification for these repairs is that it is a fantastic kite, if I was riding as much as I used to I would repair it for my own use. The razor comes from a long lineage of aggressive c-kites and performs as such. It is a stable and rigid platform that provides great feedback and performs better with increased input. You can really edge hard against this kite and produce great slack. It also has a surprisingly good low end, enabling you to turn a breeze into a freestyle session. Top end on this kite is manageable, by which I mean you have to be a strong rider with good board control to take it into the 20+knots range.

Based on previous experience I believe the cost of repair will be ~£150. You could make this cheaper by fitting a new bladder yourself.

The bar came with the kite and is in fantastic condition. Pigtails were worn when I purchased, so I replaced them.

There you have it, you could have a great big kite for freestyle for less than £400. Please get in touch if interested.

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