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Re: Well worth a read....

Postby blast » 05 Apr 2015, 09:42

Good post, summers coming - know your stuff!

The key points

Coming in and people are launching
Riding on port take (left hand forward)
Riding faster, overtake downwind
Don’t forget

UPWIND kitesurfer – kite HIGH
DOWNWIND kitesurfer – kite LOW

After feeling like the right of way rules were second nature to me, I had to remind myself again in South Africa when the wind was blowing ‘the wrong way’ (the opposite direction to what I was used to) and I got confused! Then when back in the ‘Cab’ I had to revisit the rules once more. In fact I strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the rules for every new spot you kite at, and stick to the rules!

I have unfortunately had collisions with other kites and it’s not fun: we need to all be responsible, look where we are going, look around us (and behind us) before we attempt any trick or jump, and follow the rights of way…. please don’t make me use my Spanish words on you ;-)

Go on, I dare you to name and shame fellow kiters that need reminding of the rules and rights of way – send them this to read and watch and we’ll all enjoy our kite time together all the more!

Stay safe peoples

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Re: Well worth a read....

Postby Sonnyrider » 05 Apr 2015, 10:45

When we we're at the Ho! on Friday. I upset an 'instructor' [1]as I was going out, wind was WNW, so cross on.

The 'instructor' was coming back in and kept her tack, even though I had RoW. I gesticulated and made it an obvious WTF moment. At first she was stern faced saying alright, then the realisation that I was not smiling back, the shouting at me ensued. I heard, "don't fcking look at me like that!" or something like that.
Yes, really :|

I just carried on and didn't respond. I really CBA with an argument(I know, I know) :P I just wanted to kite and get out and away from the 12 o'clock kites

I'm grateful she kept her kite high tho

For my next few tacks she just kept giving me the evil eye. I just pissed off up the the river mouth end.

I was tempted to go and speak with them after my session, but I knew it wasn't going to go well, so we just had our after session tea & cake and drove home

[1] I say 'instructor' because she was with another guy, teaching three people. the guy was with two and she was with the other one. She was riding around for a short while then came back with the kite and gave it to the one person then stayed around them helping them body dragging i think. After I do not know. Like I said I got well out of the way further up the beach.

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Re: Well worth a read....

Postby Sonnyrider » 05 Apr 2015, 13:03

I'm not sure, maybe.
They had Ozone cats for the learners and she was riding a north evo maybe

I thought she was ok. i.e. not so 'punchy' <shrug> dunno, either way she was an arse :)
same as when you're driving, some people get all aggressive when it's pointed out they are the ones in the wrong :roll:

<edit>just did a quick search, yeah, was her = surprised to be honest :shock:

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Re: Well worth a read....

Postby Sporty » 12 Apr 2015, 18:41

Having been kiting predominantly in South Wales, it is a bit of an eye opener travelling to other spots. Last week I was at Pollenca in Mallorca, and had a great time, blue sea, sun and wind. I don't really give a great deal of thought to the 'right of way' or other rules, because (as Marc says) it's second nature and (by far) the majority of people in South Wales are safe to kite with and adhere to the rules also. Not so, however in Mallorca. One day it was very busy, and was full of newbies that really didn't have a clue. Here, I always feel confident riding towards others, but in Mallorca I soon found out that a lot of kiters along the shore were shockingly unpredictable in their riding. I was glad to get out the back and away from some of them as soon as possible.

So, the reason for my post is 'yes, know and keep to the rules', the are obviously very important, but also be aware that you may be kiting with others that don't.
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