Camber Sands - Tragic Accident

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Camber Sands - Tragic Accident

Postby blast » 21 Jul 2019, 14:00

Tragic Accident
My thoughts are with the family/friends but....

So as I mentioned yesterday in "sessions" a kitesurfer was tragically killed yesterday on the S.Coast England in Camber.

Only a week or so ago I was with Tristan from the school at Camber talking about how many people...usually the competent, blasé ones who continue to launch in front of the we see at Rest Bay and Aberavon. They have installed loads of signs stating DO NOT LAUNCH IN FRONT OF THE ROCKS it is also on the signs on the Pay & Display etc at Rest Bay.

Just a few hours after this tragic accident other kitesurfers were seen doing the same!!!! :roll:

This past week I have seen numerous people at Rest bay launching directly in front and close to the rocks at Rest, despite the tide being at low 100m away...WTAF!

Here are some comments copied and pasted from elsewhere.

This is awful and tragic news and thoughts and condolences go out to family and friends and those caught up in this nightmare! Unfortunately this was an accident waiting to happen ever since the sea defence was put in. Warnings were put in place but we all tend to ignore being told what to do! Please be aware of what is downwind of you! It takes a split second for something to go wrong! I don't care how experienced you are, a line can get caught, you may have hooked lines the wrong way, the wind can tangle a line. Have you got time in that split second to pop your safety? However this accident happened, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE AWARE!!!

Yes the wind was 20knots and stable, I'd been out on my 10 too.
Rick the pictures of the beach in the press reports were at high tide when the water comes up to the rocks but the accident happened only about an hour after low tide, there was still at least 60-80m of clear beach between the waterline and the sea defence. Most nearly everyone pumps their kite by the rocks then carries their gear out to the open sand to rig up and launch nearer the water.
Because I was on the carpark side where he ended up i didn't see exactly how far from the rocks he launched from but the other kiters said it was on launch that he lost control. Not sure if it was a rigging error,kit failure or pure control error, the kite was trailing lines across the car park and not safe so it got packed away very fast.

This is my local spot. The school have put so many signs up telling people to launch away from the rocks. There was plenty of beach there to use but people just carry on near the rocks. RIP and my thoughts go out the he’s family.
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