Sker beach and Rest Bay rocks

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Sker beach and Rest Bay rocks

Postby Rob_Rams » 18 Jun 2018, 08:53

I was looking at Google maps recently and noticed the long strip of sand just round from the rocky point at the West end of Rest Bay, I think it's Sker beach. I'm wondering why no one seems to use it? It seems longer and less rocky than Rest from the satellite view pics.

Also I found Rest Bay much rockier than usual yesterday and clipped my board once or twice. Has the high tides uncovered more? Anyone else noticed the same?

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Sker beach and Rest Bay rocks

Postby blast » 18 Jun 2018, 10:18

The sands come and go and there a re few groups that have appeared in the last week or two but we also have very big tides at the moment and the rocks are mainly at low tide so they are more exposed then.

Sker can be great, it's just the walk that puts people off, minimum 20mins hike either along the coastal walk or from Kenfig Nature Reserve

We walk the dogs most days there from the Nature reserve car park, it's quite easy to lose your way a little through the maze of sandy paths.
I used to surf there a lot back in the 80's some days it would take us 20mins some days 30-40mins!! :lol:
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