New Escape V6 26.1m !!!

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New Escape V6 26.1m !!!

Postby blast » 07 Jun 2017, 18:06

Peter Lynn News:

Willem van der Meij claims highest jump in the Netherlands

The first summer storm hits the Netherlands. Officials warn for heavy wind gusts of 109 kilometers per hour and declare Code Yellow. It is that exact same moment that Willem van der Meij wakes up from his kiting wintersleep and decides to go out kiting again.

Willem states nonchalantly: “I have been pretty busy lately, but I felt like going out kiting again , luckily there was some wind, 40 to 50 knots.”
“I wanted to take the 7m until I found out that I only brought my Peter Lynn 9m Escape V6. I could borrow a Woo on the surfclub and went out to feel what it was like”
I haven’t been out kiting much lately and when I jumped I wondered; “do I usually jump this high?”

It felt like I landed some 300 meters downwind after 3 downloops. Since it wasn’t really possible to kite back upwind, I decided to walk back to the surf club only then to found out that I logged 26,1m, crushing the previous Dutch record. Really getting into the mood for the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge now!

Willem now hold the 5th highest jump worldwide, 2nd highest jump in Europe and the highest jump in the Netherlands.
26.1m on a new Peter Lynn Escape V6

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Re: New Escape V6 26.1m !!!

Postby splashtestdummy » 08 Jun 2017, 01:53

oxygen mask for that man..

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Re: New Escape V6 26.1m !!!

Postby Sporty » 16 Jun 2017, 22:41

Oh, I thought it was a new 'Ultra Low Wind' kite....

Good effort though.. :shock:
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