Liquid Force and now BWSurf

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Liquid Force and now BWSurf

Postby blast » 31 Jul 2020, 19:19

Liquid Force pulled out of the kite market earlier in the month and now BWSurf have just announced the same, who's next!? :cry:
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Liquid Force and now BWSurf

Postby alunj » 03 Aug 2020, 11:35

Seems there will be quite a slow down.
I don't know how Reedin will manage ; and there are rumours here of several others , especially where they are part of a larger group and seen as unprofitable. Trouble is we don't see who really owns a lot of these companies. Was BWS really just Ben Wilson , I cant see someone having the cash to put in. Same with Reedin there must be some investors
Duotone just announced moving to a two year ish cycle

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