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Epic Kites Screamer 6G V5 10m LTD Kite

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Epic Kites Screamer 6G V5 10m LTD Kite

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If you’ve not had the chance to test or own a SCREAMER 10 LTD then you don't know what you’ve been missing

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The SCREAMER 10-meter Limited Edition (6G) kite is a special kite that has been infused with extra spice compared to other Screamer sizes. The Limited Edition Screamer is legendary kiter Dimitri Maramenides’ signature model and continues to make its mark within the high performance kite spectrum. The 6G version once again raises the bar for big air riding and packs a powerful kick with loads of incredible hang time. We don’t call it the Screamer for nothing! There are few feelings that come close to nailing those big, lofty jumps, and the Screamer 6G 10-meter Limited Edition makes it so easy. With a massive wind range (15-33 mph) riders in the 175 lb. pound range can use this as a one kite quiver. This kite is not ideal for beginners as, like the other Screamer sizes, (7, 9, 12, 14) it requires generous rider input to perform at its peak potential. 

Not only is the Screamer 6G 10 LTD known for big air and huge hang time, it’s also a kite that will have you roaring upwind and push your journey to becoming a better rider further. Easy relaunch, precise positional feedback and light, comfortable bar pressure are hallmarks of this masterpiece.
The Screamer LTD is not a kite for beginners as it requires advanced bar input to perform at its highest level. However, kite stability and precision allow for progressing riders to step up their game. 
When operating this kite towards the top end of the range (24-32 mph), be mindful of distance. You’ll be able to achieve very significant height when boosting, and will need adequate space so you don’t land on the beach accidentally (just ask Cameron)! A true testament of the hang time capability.

To unleash the full potential of this kite and have it truly operate at 100%, aggressive input and flying skills will be rewarded. Flying the kite sharply makes the Screamer 6G LTD really come alive and reveal it’s true performance characteristics compared to the Renegade which is a more ‘set it and forget it’ style of kite. With incredible turning speed, quick bar input will allow for massive jumps giving you loads of time to nail board offs, rotations and huge kite loops. If you want to get your adrenaline thumping, pull the bar hard and enjoy heart stopping mega kite loops – but rest easy, the kite is super fast turning and will catch you reliably, each and every time. The Screamer 6G LTD will have you reaching new heights and perform tricks that you never thought possible

We believe in versatility, so we’ve included several features that allow each rider to fine tune the Screamer 6G LTD to the wind conditions, personal taste and riding style. Two bridle attachment locations on the leading edge allow for forward and aft tow point modifications. This changes the depth in the wind window for better drift, or upwind performance. Additional adjustments for bar pressure, turning speed and wind strength are available on the trailing edge wing tip attachment points. The bridle is now comprised of an incredibly strong but condensed material that reduces drag which improves flight speed and response. Our canopy material now consists of Double Rip Stop to increase strength, longevity and reduces stretching. A Dacron Loading Frame has been used across the canopy to increase rigidity and maintain shape even in punishing conditions. Geometric shapes were developed on the trailing edge and covered with Dacron to eliminate flutter for more efficient flight, especially through the turns. Dacron reinforcements have been beefed up throughout the kite. In key abrasion areas on the LE, we’ve improved the scuff protectors by increasing size and added generous reinforcement stitching. The construction on the struts and throughout is more detailed and durable without adding weight.


We absolutely love the new 6G Screamer 10-meter LTD and with the wealth of improvements and unbelievable flight performance, we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and versatile high performance jumping kite
  • Bridle adjustment settings on leading edge and wing tip for bar pressure, turning speed, wind strength
  • Amazing upwind drive
  • Double Rip Stop canopy material
  • Cone shaped strut ends for rigidity in flight
  • Dacron loading frame across the canopy for strength
  • Beefed up construction detail throughout
  • Double Dacron on trailing edge to eliminate flutter
  • Improved One Pump System
  • Easy and reliable relaunch
  • Intuitive flight characteristics
  • Redesigned bag
  • Additional 3-strap compression bag included 
  • Big air, loads of hang time and soft landings

6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite Windrange




15-32 knots



14-25 knots


  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
  • 6G Screamer 10 LTD Kite
Additional Information

Additional Information

Kite Size10m
Kite OnlyYes

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Amazing quality, amazing performance, robust kite, nice design, well I love the Screamer
Last feedback for me regarding the 10ltd. The wind blew up to 20-23 Kts yesterday and this morning. So I went out with my new kite.

First feeling in good wind is the power and versatility of the 10ltd. I LOVE IT.

The 10 ltd is very powerful but also a fast turning kite. This is exactly what I wanted. I really enjoyed its manoeuvrability and power delivery. I increased significantly my jumps height. On flat water, I jumped up to 8m (got a Woo). Not really big you would say but for me this is quite a nice achievement compared to the previous sessions (5-6m). I do always a quick kiteloop at the end of the jump and the 10ltd is really nice to kiteloop.

Kiters on the beach ask me questions about this kite. They are curious and they can see that I am doing some tricks with it. dark slide, backroll kitelloops, high jumps with good hangtime.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all your advices. I really like this kite and I can say that now I use always the EPIC kites instead of the Best TS. Either the S14 when wind is below 15kts or the 10 ltd above.

Amazing quality, amazing performance, robust kite, nice design, well I love the Screamer.

Review by Frederic / (Posted on 25/03/2016)
Epic kites do it for me. Any body looking for kites that are a cut above the rest look no further than epics. All the hype surrounding this brand is well justified.
This kite is awesome. First time out on kite wind blowing 15Knts. So surprised when passing guys using 17mtr kites. Quality of kite is excellent and does what it says on the tin. Turns on a dime and has loads of pull. First jump managed 4mtrs in 15Knts so cant wait for a real blow. I have used many brands of kite in the passed but never one this smooth, it just does what you ask it too and more.
Review by Dont have won any suggestions.. / (Posted on 24/10/2015)
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