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Epic Kites Screamer 5G 14m Kite

Epic Kites Screamer 5G 14m Kite

Availability: In stock

The SCREAMER 5G is noted and respected for its ability to produce oxygen depriving height and exceptional hang time, the new Screamer raises the bar for big riding.

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This is the kite of choice for the Blast Big Air Team.....

Sarah pretty much learnt how to go big on this kite, it's a kite that instills confidence once you are past the beginner stage and ready to progress on to bigger and better!

Lets face it – big air and freedom is probably what attracted you to kiteboarding. There are few feelings stronger than landing your biggest jump, or exploring new and exciting places. And with the Screamer 5G, you’re in for a treat that will have these feelings once again flood in and give you session stories for a lifetime.

The 5G Screamer is our big air machine, designed and built for maximum height and hang time. Flying the kite aggressively opens up the true high performance characteristics of this kite. Bigger air, longer hang time, explosive pop, effortless mega loops and soft landings are what makes this intuitive kite so special.

We hit a home run with the Screamer 4G, but through relentless testing, rider feedback and design refinements, we have been able to make it turn faster than the earlier model and it now comes outfitted with our new Speed Valve inflate/deflate system that features a large inflate/deflate valve as well as an extra valve allowing you to rig faster and be on the water sooner. If you’re ready for a predictable and burly ride, the new 5G Screamer is the kite for you that will rock your world.


The view from up here:

  • Smooth power delivery
  • Fantastic upwind drive
  • Unmatched lift
  • Enough hang time that you can check your email and text your friends.

Key features:

  • Same high performance that you’ve come to love – now with a faster turn for better pop and boosting.
  • New Speed Valve for quick rigging and packing
  • Extra Inflate valve on the LE to relieve pressure in the event of a hard crash preventing LE blowout.
  • Cone shaped struts for solid trailing edge performance
  • Simple bridle with new 5G high performance RONSTAN pulleys
  • Speedy turns through the wingtip for mega loop lovers.

You’ll be able to carve harder, loop harder, rider faster, boost higher and smile more.




Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 14m Epic Kites Screamer 5G
Manufacturer Epic
Kite Size 14m
Kite Only Yes

Epic Kites Screamer 5G 14m Kite.

Rating: 5/5 based on 1 review(s)
  • Price: £1,365.00 - In stock
  • Brand: Epic
  • Product ID: 14m Epic Kites Screamer 5G

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

I finally decided to commit for a Screamer 14. I received it a couple of days ago and luckily the wind was blowing around 13kts this morning, so I could give a try.

Here is my feedback :

I am 70Kg and I used my light wind board (RRD style V2, 43cm wide)
I used a 57cm bar.
I am intermediate level (backroll, jumps, kiteloops, hooked).
wind was 11-15kts

My first impression was that this kite is really easy to use. It is very stable and easy when manoeuvering. It goes upwind easily and stays nicely forward into the window.
The second point is the hang time. Amazing ! I've never experienced such a hangtime... I am used to BEST TS kites. These ones are nice to jump as well. The difference between the TS and the Screamer (although I just tried EPIC with a 14m...), is that the TS gives a nice kick when pushing and goes high but goes quickly down, whereas the EPIC does not give the same boost (more progressive) but stays a lot longer in the air. You can glide with the EPIC kites, it's really amazing. I couldn't believe it. Also , landing is easy if you gives firm relaunch before landing. This way, landing is soft and easy. Because you "glide" quite a long time, you go downwind frankly (logic). So I made a lot of transition turns after jumping high and kitelooping downwind. Easy. a real pleasure.

With 12-13 kts, Power was consistent and smooth. For a 14m kite I was impressed by the ability to turn fast (for this size of kite), a bit like the BEST TS (but I use 12m on TS...).

- upwind capibility very nice. So easy to go upwind even with 12 kts wind
- bar pressure is smooth and quite like the TS.

I tried water relaunch in deep water. Indeed, it looked not as easy as a TS but was ok overall. I felt confident with the kite.

Quality of construction : +++
Compared to the TS, it is equivalent but a bit different. The leading edge looks stronger, the canopy looks maybe a bit more resistant than on TS. The bag is very nice. bridles very nice. overall quality very good.

Of course, I would love to try the 12 and the 9 in stronger wind, because smaller kites turn much faster and are more versatile. But the S14 is definitely a nice kite and I am really happy with my new kite. Now I can enjoy nice sessions in 11-15 kts (even more), and jumps are really a pleasure. Being in the air so long is so nice. The S14 is a big kite, but you don't really feel it. This is a very good point.
Review by fred / (Posted on 08/03/2016)
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