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Epic Kites Renegade 6G 7m Kite

Epic Kites Renegade 6G 7m Kite

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The iconic 6G RENEGADE powers it’s way into our line once again with this sixth generation release.

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This is the kite you will find Marc & Sarah from Blast Kiteboarding on most sessions, why? Because it does it all...with ease!

Whether your a keen wave rider like Marc & Sarah or like boosting, cruising or even into some unhooked freestyle this kite will put a big smile on your face!

Marc won his 4 x British Wavemasters Titles using the Epic Renegade but this also means it is extremely easy to use making it fantastic for beginners also. Blast Kiteboarding have been using the Epic Renegade for over 6 years in the busy school and they keep on coming back for more!

6G The all new Renegade 6G is loaded with upgrades that gets you more of exactly what you want. Known for ease of use, low end power, amazing jumps and the easiest relaunch on the market, the Renegade 6G will not disappoint. 

The RENEGADE model is an incredible kite for riders looking for a kite that does everything well, but doesn’t require aggressive rider input to tap into it’s strengths. This model is a forgiving kite making it ideal for progressing and advanced riders alike. Beginners will love the Renegade because it’s easy to use and has a comfortable feeling. It delivers rock steady stability, precise steering, amazing jumps and turns quickly allowing you to focus on your riding and learning new tricks. Advancing riders will enjoy predictable positioning and the forgiving nature as you get new moves dialed in. 

 The Renegade 6G is available in 5, 7, 9 11 and 13 LTD meter sizes, each scaled and tuned for consistent behavior between sizes. For powered riding in super light winds, check out the Renegade Infinity 6G which was specifically designed for extremely light conditions. The Renegade 6G utilizes the same platform and shape as the 5G edition given the spectacular performance attributes. Every rider, no matter the level will be treated to rock solid stability, ability to jump big, amazing pop, smooth power delivery and a predictable and intuitive feel.

 We believe in versatility, so we’ve included several features that allow each rider to fine tune the Renegade 6G to the wind conditions, personal taste and riding style. The WAVE/FREERIDE setting on the leading edge moves the bridle tow point position to adjust kite depth in the wind window – forward for surf sessions, or deeper for freestyle riding. Additional adjustments for bar pressure, turning speed and wind strength are available on the trailing edge attachment points on the wing tip.

 The 5, 7 and 9-meter sizes use our Bridle Leading Edge Support (BLS) system which keeps the kite frame from deforming under significant pressure, maintaining shape even in super gusty conditions. It’s ideal for heavier riders (210+ lbs) but can be removed in seconds from the rest of the bridle attachments if desired.

Canopy material now consists of Double Rip Stop to increase strength, longevity and reduced stretching. A Dacron Loading Frame has been used across the canopy to increase rigidity and maintain shape even in punishing conditions. Geometric shapes were developed on the trailing edge and covered with Dacron to eliminate flutter for more efficient flight. Dacron reinforcements have been beefed up throughout the kite. In key abrasion areas on the LE, we’ve improved the scuff protectors by increasing size and reinforcement stitching. The construction on the struts and throughout is more detailed and durable without adding weight.

The new Epic One Pump System offers quick inflation and stronger strut connections. Use our Titan pump and get rigged and out on the water faster than ever before. The Renegade 6G comes with a totally redesigned bag to reduce bulk while still offering several compartments and attachment points for all the essentials. Use the secondary compression bag when you want to pack down for trips or storage. The compression bag has three straps to ensure an even size distribution when packing tightly. 

The 5/7/9/11 meter sizes comes in four different color options to chose from, while the Renegade 6G 13 LTD has a special yellow/black treatment. 

If you’re looking for a kite that jumps amazingly well, has responsive and fast turning, rides greats in the waves but is equally at home being unhooked in the park, or boosting huge freestyle moves and relaunches with gentle ease, the RENEGADE 6G is certainly the kite for you.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and efficient three-strut platform.
  • Double Rip Stop canopy material.
  • Bridle Leading Edge Support System (BLS) for leading edge rigidity.
  • Dacron loading frame across the canopy for strength.
  • Beefed up construction detail throughout.
  • Double Dacron on trailing edge to eliminate flutter.
  • Improved One Pump System.
  • Unmatched stability.
  • Nearly auto relaunch.
  • Intuitive flight characteristics.
  • Redesign main bag.
  • Additional 3-strap compression bag included .
  • All terrain, high performance kite.
  • Wing tip options for Bar Pressure / Turning Speed /  Wind strength.
  • Big Inflate/Deflate valve. (Make sure to twist the main Big Valve very tight)
  • Leading Edge safety system valve.
  • EVA Leading Edge protectors.
  • EVA Sturt protectors.


Here's a few video's that Marc@Blast made with the Renegade 5G to show that the performance has been given a shot of DNA from the Screamer but still excells in the surf too


Additional Information

Additional Information

Kite Size7m
Kite OnlyYes

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

Super super happy!
Well just about recovered from a week out in Dakhla, I was out on my new Renegades (11,9,6.5) and can safely say I was very happy, found them so much better than my old *** ***'s. If you needed to find me I'm the one wayyy upwind crashing out as I'm at the learn to jump stage.
Review by Jeff / (Posted on 25/03/2016)
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