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Airush Core Foil

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SAVE £'s  Airush Core Foil

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- All new modular design.
- Unique freeride wing designs for stability and speed.
- Low drag fuselage and plate.

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Airush Freeride Foil

Ideal for intermediate riders at a moderate speed.
Kite rear X-Wing configuration for stability and maneuverability.
825cm2 Freeride front wing.
For the rider looking for a moderate speed setup, the Airush Freeride Foil set features the intermediate aspect ratio 825 cm2 front wing and 80cm Mast as a standard...

Airush Carving Foil

Ideal for lower speed riding, carving and learning.
Larger wing for lift and intermediate standard mast length.
Kite rear X-Wing configuration for stability or maneuverability.
Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced carving. The Airush Carving Foil set features our high stability, 1050 cm2 carving front wing and 70cm Mast as standard...

AK Surf Foil

Developed primarily for surfing but also ideal for light wind kiting.
Surf rear X-Wing configuration for stability or maneuverability.
Shorter length mast.
The AK Surf Foil was developed specifically as a Surf Foil, to perform in small to medium size waves. Developed by our crossover specialists at AK, the AK Surf Foil features the same modular foil platform as the Airush Kite Foil...


The Modular Foil Platform considers the evolution in foiling to allow each rider to customize their setup.
From the very first ride and lower speed performance to the most technical riding abilities, with longer masts and higher speed wings, the Modular Foil Platform is designed to meet the needs of riders at every level.

Tuttle Connector
The Airush / AK Foil - Tuttle connector plate features a O Degree connection ideal for surf use, while still being compatible with kiteboards. The short Tuttle base is ideal for thinner boards such as surf or Kiteboards while still being compatible with deep Tuttle fin boxes.

Plate Connectors

0 Degree Surf
The AK Surf connector plate features a O Degree connection ideal for surf use, as paddling into waves is easier with the neutral foil angle, while still being compatible with kiteboards.

3 Degree Kite
Plate connector specifically for Kiteboarding with a 3 Degree pitch angle engineered into the plate. This enables easier touchdowns due to the increased entry angle.

Foil to Board Mounting Set
US Box bolt set - 4 pcs
Standard bolt set for Dual US Finbox system as found on the Core and Progression Foil boards, Heavy duty M8 Bolt set with Torque Head. Including Torque Key.

Foil to Board Mounting Set
M6/15mm bolt set - 4 pcs
Standard bolt set for connecting to the Airush Mini Monster Convert or AK Board Conversion kit.

Foil Masts: 50 - 95cm
Airush Foil - Aluminum 50cm Mast
Ideal for first-time foilers or riders in extremely shallow water.

Airush / AK Foil - Aluminum 60cm Mast
Ideal for Intermediate surf, wave riding, and shallow water.

Airush Foil - Aluminum 70cm Mast
New intermediate length, ideal for use with X Wing configuration in maneuver oriented mode. (Rear wingtips down) where less water clearance is required.

Airush Foil - Aluminum 80cm Mast
The recommended length for all-around freeride, good combination of water clearance when rear wings are set for increased stability (Wingtips up).

Airush Foil - Aluminum 95cm Mast
For the advanced rider looking for a lot of range of trim.

Stealth Fuselage
The Stealth Fuselage is compatible with double or triple inserts found on 2019 Surf and Kite foils along with backward compatibility to the 2018 Airush wings and fuselage.

Front Wings
AK Foil - Surf Wing (1325cm2)
Low-speed foil ideal for Surfing, SUP or extreme light wind Kitefoiling.

Airush Foil - Carving Wing (1050cm2)
Perfect for the first time foiler or maneuver oriented rider. Thicker profile than the V1 2018 1000cm wing creating more early lift.

Airush Foil - Freeride Wing (825cm2)
Perfect for the freeride oriented rider balancing element of Speed, comfort and carving. Thicker profile creates a similar lift to the V1 2018 1000cm

Airush Foil - Freerace Wing (600cm2)
High-speed wing ideal for Freerace, long distance events of the more advanced kiter.

Rear X Wing
Airush Standard Rear Kite X Wing - 325 cm2
The rear X Wing is ideal for surfing and kiting use with larger front wings with optimum pumping and reduced V for increased maneuverability.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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