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Airush 12m DNA / Juice TT Package

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Airush 12m DNA / Juice TT Package

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The perfect combo for anyone coming into this amazing sport, super stable easy to use package at an amazing price too!

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Airush 8m DNA / Juice Package 

Freeride ease

The DNA, when combined with the Analog bar and the Juice evolution, make for a very capable package. Hassle free set up and impeccable manners with responsive but not aggressive handling both board and kite use all the technology of the most acclaimed products in the range. 
The Juice Evolution is a multi-discipline twin tip series with an evolutionary history dating back to the very beginnings of the sport. Premium construction techniques, cutting edge material technology and industry leading designs make for a hugely popular board series. Designed in the UK for UK conditions.
Packages comes with DNA kite, Analogue bar, Juice Evolution, complete with foot pack and all fittings. All you need is Wetsuit, harness and water!

 Stability, easy relaunch and quick yet non aggressive handling.

Forget all the rest, the DNA is the kite you want to use when starting your kiteboarding journey. Super easy to set up, extremely safe to use with a wide wind range, and the quickest to relaunch when you are in those sticky situations, the DNA provides the best features that entry level riders are looking for. The DNA takes the platform of the award winning Lithium, so you are guaranteed the best kite that can grow with you from your very first lesson to kite looping and wave riding.
The addition of increased Dacron (an extremely durable material) used throughout the canopy in high wear points. This focus on increased durability, especially for first time riders and schools, is to improve the overall longevity of the DNA used throughout the years. The DNA when combined with the Analog bar and Vox board make for a Perfect Package. Hassle free set up with none of the bells and whistles to get you riding as soon as possible!

//Key features
- Delta Hybrid Design
- V3 Bridle
- Hardcore Construction
- Multi Pump Inflation
- Added Dacron for School Tough Durability

//Unique Characteristics
Plug and play simplicity makes the DNA out of the bag ready to ride.
- Instant depower and wind range due to V3 bridle system combined Delta Hybrid Shape insures a safe kite that will maximize the days on the water. - In addition, the Delta Hybrid outline ensures fast and easy Relaunch spending more time riding.

//Target user
- Entry Level riders and Schools looking for an ideal kite to start with but also use beyond their first lessons.

//Compared to the 2015 DNA
- Increased Dacron through the TE and reinforcements for added durability and quality.

//Compared to the 2015 Lithium
- Excludes FBI Single Inflation
- More Dacron used throughout Canopy Ideal for beginners and schools

*please note this package is not eligible for the - lessons deal 




The Delta Hybrid design, in conjunction with the V3 bridle, gives the Airush kite a whole new meaning to its performance and feeling. Displaying direct and pivotal turning, the Delta Hybrid insures a great balance of speed and response. Due to the swept wingtips and profile, the Delta Hybrid has instant relaunch capabilities, making this shape ideal for all-around riding and new riders.

All Airush kites feature the Hardcore Construction, a focus and commitment to structural integrity.
- This includes a 4 piece strut with bomb proof double sandwich centre seam to reduce the amount of stitching points for reduce wear as well as increased rigidity.
- A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes.
- Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points.


Who said pulleys are not a good idea?.. The truth is, done right, they are essential with only gains in handling response and absolutely essential in maintaining handling characteristics throughout the depower range. Without the pulleys the kite will not steer on full depower. The V3 Bridle has a system developed over the past 4 years ensuring that the kite turns and feels the same on full depower as it does on full power, and more than this, the handling feel is so close to the direct connection kites that designers and testers consider the handling advantage of a direct connection kite as virtually non existent. 

Featured on all the  Airush Kites, with the exception of the Razor Team and DNA, the V3 Bridle System adds not only to the safety benefits, but also contributes significantly to the feeling and performance of the kites. The positioning of the bridle attachment points on the LE of the kite, combined with the V pulleys, gives a very smooth and responsive de-power. This allows for steering that is light, but direct enough to feel where your kite is while riding. This also enables the kite to be steered and controlled when the kite is completely de-powered which is ideal for wave riding.

If a person asks me what’s the best kite to start with, I hand them a DNA. It is absolutely too easy to use and will make learning a breeze. I focused this year in beefing up the construction and adding the V3 bridle for more support. This was a focus of entry level users and schools who crash their kites continuously and we only found it fair to make it as bomb proof as possible without hitting your wallet. The DNA also has no one pump system so it is really good for Kite Schools to use as they don’t have the hassles of tubing to repair any struts or bladders!





High performance freeride, with a smooth and grippy feel.



The Juice Evolution is a board designed and developed in the UK for the UK. For all kiteboarding styles it's a very impressive board from first session to the highest standards of rider ability. Compliant in chop with tiered flex and a stiff core to give it exceptional power range from underpower to overpower. It's outline is tuned to maximise both heel and toeside riding. It works fantastically well in chop, hammers upwind, suits weights from 55kg to 100kg and is built with the strongest technology known to the industry.
In 2 years we have had no structural failures, that's quite a record to be proud of. Fittings are second to none, and the board shape itself makes use of all the technology currently available, from central concave to the 3d upper deck mould.
You really do get a great deal for your money, have a read below to appreciate some of the technology and manufacturing techniques employed.




Welcome to the Juice Evolution. As the name suggest this multi-discipline twin tip series is an evolution of 10 years worth of knowledge and experience dating back to the very beginnings of the sport.

Making a board that appeals to all riders is not the easiest of tasks, but we feel that a truly exceptional board should do nothing less. Whether you are taking your first nervous steps in the sport or loading up to critical bite levels as an expert, the evolution has been tuned to win your trust.

It's our opinion that your board should be responsible for cutting through the background white noise of your session, bringing you only the feedback that is constructive to your technique. The aim is to free up your concentration, forgiving minor mistakes and brushing off the inconsistencies of challenging conditions to leave you free to concentrate on riding. If you don't have to manhandle your board, the extra concentration it releases can be put to far better use elsewhere. In addition the board needs to achieve what the rider demands, and in this the Evolution will take all you care to throw at it. From the most aggressive styles to the most inclement conditions, there is a wealth of technology, history and prototyping to make sure that it both encourages progression and never holds back aggression. 

We don't claim that the Evolution is the best board in the world, for that would be wildly arrogant, but it may well be the best board in the world for you. 

The Evolution comes in three sizes and three different flex patterns, all specifically aimed at different sized riders. Width is key; it is the absolute measure of a board's size, for length tells very little to the seasoned rider. Whilst there are overlaps for riders who kite with extremely low and high power usage, we offer the following guide.




130x40 - ideal weight range under 73kg
132x42 - ideal weight range 73-85kg
134x44 - ideal weight range over 85kg





//What Makes a Good Twintip?

Over the years we have spoken to a lot of different people about a lot of different boards. Highly positive reactions are what we strive for; there is nothing more infectious than taking big steps forward in your riding whenever you touch the water. 

That positive reaction depends on a number of different variables, depending on experience, style and conditions. It's fair to say that if you are a pro-level rider your needs and preferences will be considerably different to the mainstream kiteboarder. Yet the core of riders, the overwhelming majority in the centre of the sport, rarely share the same R+D potential and rewards as pro-level athletes. While it's absolutely necessary to push the upper limits of the sport, the technological advances that result need re-engineering to bring a performance edge to the mainstream. In addition to this we need to push R+D in new directions that develop new technologies and design suited specifically for the real world. 

Herein lies the key philosophy of Juice; The perfection of technology and design to create the tools needed for those who live in the real world.

Generally speaking, mainstream kiteboarding conditions are the most demanding of all. While the world's best push boundaries as a career they enjoy the fortune of riding in some very special locations. For most of us this is a luxury rarely experienced; constraints on our time and location will often push us to conditions that many Pro Level riders would dismiss. It is here that our equipment needs to shine. This is our playground, and this is where our R+D is done. It's easy to design a board in perfect conditions, but a truly good board is one that soaks up the worst of days without complaint. A board that allows you to concentrate on your riding without demanding your constant attention, upsetting your natural stance or physically weakening your fitness.

We strive to bring you a fantastic session on the water, no matter how the conditions change. 








//Balance Concept

If you talk to any high end athletes they will all have something to say about being centred. Through virtually all athletic sports there is a universal consensus that you can’t effectively move forwards until you have a stable, trusted and comfortable core. Unless you have consistent balance, every move away from your core stability will be destined to be off balance before you even start.
Your kiteboard is the singular tool with which you apply power to the environment around you. Without the controllable ability to wield this power you will struggle to progress.
Juice’s balance concept is a partnership between engineering and core balance. Every aspect of the separate design elements are designed to bring you as much balance as possible. A far greater sense of stability and trust to inspire you, not only push your riding standard further, but also to bring confidence to difficult conditions. Equipment designed to take care of the details so you can concentrate on your session, not on your board. 








//Asymmetric tune

Is it better to have power or control? It’s a traditional kiteboarding dilemma, but what’s wrong with having both? 
It’s natural that our toeside stance is weaker than our heelside. Sure footed, a heelside stance is powerful, with toeside being a contorted control stance for most, needing stability when your stance is twisted. To solve this we use a different outline on the toeside to the heelside. It does not look radical to the eye, but makes a significant improvement to the stance you use. 
The Evo has gone beyond the compromise; asymmetric tune offers a perfect match to each stance; different outlines on toe and heel side edges to make the most of our asymmetric stance. It’s essentially two boards in one and what’s even better is that neither characteristic has any effect on the other. 








//Wood Core

There have been kiteboards built from many different core constructions. Fashions come and go but one fact endures throughout, not only the kiteboard industry, but also in the snowboarding industry. Wood cores have the highest strength to weight ratio you can get. Our boards are made with a wood core for this very reason. There have been many synthetic materials engineered to surpass certain functions of wood; whether it be weight, reflex response or stiffness, yet nature has spent a long time balancing strength, weight and longevity. Wood is still the most effective material currently available. 








//Stance Levelling

The Evoltion has a specific stance levelling mechanism built into the overall flex pattern of the board. In lightwinds and low loads the overall rocker of the board starts relatively flat, this offers drive, bite and efficiency in a balanced stance. When you push more power into the board the stance levelling geometry causes the rocker-line to shift with less force than traditional control flex would allow.
The effect is to maintain the same feel between lower and higher power usage. The advantage is two fold; the board has far more range (powering up much earlier and enjoying the same high power handling ability as any high rockered board), whilst your stance stays constant throughout. 
There is a second tier of flex underneath the Stance Levelling that deals with load spikes; this is the flex technology common to all high end kiteboards and deals with a multitude of the higher power flex interactions, like chop and landing impacts, yet central to the flex engineering of the board is this overall levelling flex that gives the Evo such a huge range with flawless poise throughout. 








//Lockdown Outline

Have you ever ridden a board that seemed uncomfortable, unsettled and nervous underfoot? A board that never quite tells you how it wants to be ridden, just seems to have a mind of it’s own? These kinds of boards eventually end up being ridden by force; that is, you lock into a stance and demand that it follows your instructions. It's an uncomfortable and demanding way to ride.
The Evolution is very different; within the outline is a section of rail that is flattened to help the board track straight. This section works with all broad stance positions and brings a latent stability to it's track when you loose concentration. As such it's a relaxing board to ride, freeing your concentration to deal with where you are going, not how you are going to get there! Far from being glued in place like a large surf fin this outline still encourages some essential freedom of movement underfoot, a characteristic needed to aid stance changes immediately proceeding aggressive and complex manoeuvres. It's more of a stable balance. The Lockdown Outline will bring you the ability to trust your board to drive in a straight line while your concentration is free to be monopolised elsewhere. 










Additional Information

Additional Information

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Airush 12m DNA / Juice TT Package. Airush Lithium Progression Package

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