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Mystic KRS Safety Spreader Bar
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Mystic KRS Safety Spreader Bar

Product Information

This is an all new quick Quick Release System that should become the industry standard. 
Currently there is no industry standard although most systems are push away some manufacturers use pull or even twist release sytems.
This system is always going to be within reach situated on the left hand side of the click and it's released!



Technical Features

  • Multi Hook
  • Stainless Steel Spreaderbar
  • Covered With Foam At The Inside
  • Integrated Knife Pocket
  • Spreaderdown Loop

KRS Safety Spreader Bar

Mystic introduces a new development in the field of safety with the launch of the KRS Safety Spreader Bar!

This product comes from the idea that the kite release system should be standardized for the safety of kitesurfing. Currently, all release systems are different and this makes it confusing in the market. The new release system can be found on the left side of your harness, a location that is always within easy reach. A pull on the release handle and the hook comes loose from your spreader bar. With a simple move (3 clicks), the hook can be installed again and you can continue with your kite session.

This is the ultimate product for kiters who are concerned about safety, but also suitable for beginners in the kite sport. With this safety measure Mystic tries to make the kite sport accessible for a larger group of people.

Let's make our sport as safe as possible!



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Price: £79.99

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