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The 2014 Blast Frozen Jam Event
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The 2014 Blast Frozen Jam Event

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 What a cracker it was too!

The Blast Frozen Jam from Blast Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

Date:  15-16th February 2014

Place: Porthcawl, S.Wales

Click here for last years Jam: FROZEN JAM 2013


So as we are now in the depths of winter we have  little to look forward to in the way of kiting...just numb fingers and toes but at least the beaches will be empty, however there is one thing to look forward too...The annual Blast Frozen Jam!

That's right, the good folk at Blast Kiteboarding are donning their winter thermals and gathering as many like minded (crazy) people to join them in the tropical waters of Porthcawl on the weekend 15-16th February.

The Blast Frozen Jam is not a competition as such just an excuse to get together for all things kite, kitesurf, landboard, buggy etc all welcome, however there will be plenty of random spot prizes with the emphasis firmly on FUN!.

This year prommises to be bigger and better than ever......we have loads of brands bringing demo kit to try. Our Blast Team Riders will be there also busting out there moves BUT we must emphasize this event is all about FUN!

Just to emphasise this there will also be a prize for best Fancy Dress on the water

There are prizes to be given including best riders etc but there will also be prizes for random stuff like....................

Best Wipeout
Best Trick
Best Spirit
Kite bitch
Highest jump
First in last out
Best newbie
Best fancy dress

contact Blast for more information

(or similar) 

The Blast Frozen Jam

Well, that went well!

After an epic few weeks back in January, it all went a bit erm pete tong in February with only the odd good day popping up so as we approached the annual Frozen Jam weekend here in Porthcawl it didn't look that promising, in fact it looked positively sh*t!

However as the weekend got closer there was a glimmer of hope with a chance of a breeze and sunshine on Sunday at least.

Several people contacted us to cancel they're trip and it started to get a little gloomy, however on Saturday we arrived at Rest Bay Porthcawl to find a great group of keen and hardy reps from kite brands around the UK who'd made the effort to attend. Soon there were loads of both local(ish) kiters but also plenty who'd made big treks to attend!

The day was spent catching up with friends and checking over all the lovely "kiteporn" on offer form the likes of ..........

Star Kites, Blade Kites, Epic Kites, JN Kites, Flexifoil, Axis Boards and Blankforce Boards

There was a huge BBQ running all day with the usual assortment of burgers, sausages and of course a few Tesco's special offers of horse meat.
After we'd packed up the huge amount of 30 plus kites on show we headed back to Blast HQ for a cuppa or two from where we walked the short distance to the Esplanade in Porthcawl for a meal and a few bevies ...a few to many for some!
There were over two dozen out that eve but only a few stupid/drunk enough to carry on to Streets Night Club....if you've seen "The Valleys" you'll have a good idea!

So, Saturday we met all bushy tailed, well most of us, at Coney Beach this time..and it looked promising  The winds were cross off at first but as the tide dropped back it started to improve and also increase considerably.
Most people were on 9-12m's, I reckon I would have been better on a 7m personally ;-)
Photo by local photog: Kevin Thomas
 I even managed a good while on the water too!
Once we'd all filled our boots (some took a lot of filling as many hadn't been in for as long as 5 months) we warmed up in the Hi Tide bar right on the beach.
This gave us a chance to thank everyone for making the effort to come in person but also to dish out a few little prizes for some random stuff like.........
Youngest Rider...Owen - progression DVD and 1-2-1 tuition with Blast Kiteboarding
Most rescued...Andy from Coventry... fortunately his board not so much him! - T.Shirt..windsurfing is a bit shit!
Best waveriding...Neil  - Epic T'Shirt
Most hardcore - Gareth - Blade Flask
Biggest wipeout  Tom busted ribs and a trip to A&E but all fine, set of  "L" plates
Oldest kiter, our very own Terry just pipping Harry  70 somin' plus!! - Mystic Poncho
Biggest boosting..Martyn - (he was on an Epic Screamer though) ;-) - Epic Cap
Longest on the water Steve P - Epic T'shirt
Shortest Time on the water Abi  - Blade Pump
Furthest upwind Dave - T.Shirt..windsurfing is a bit shit!
Oldest retro kite - Ade - Blade T'shirt
Big shout to the sponsors who supported this event....
Finally, a huge huge thank you to all that came along, got involved, helped out and made The Blast Frozen Jam the success that it truly was, especially Ade for pumping SO many kites up over the w/end.

Details and a few photo's from the 2012 Jam here:

*Dust of the winter blues, it's almost time for The Blast Frozen Jam once again!
*Great Prizes but focussed on FUN!



 Fire pit with Mulled wine, bring your sausages!!!

Loads of sweet prizes up for grabs!




Demo gear from :


......and more to follow!



PHOTO's from 2010 Frozen Jam here: Frozen Jam 

Video from 2010 here:


 List of Accomodation Here



Blast Frozen Jam 2011


Words – Mutiny Rider – Tom Butler
Pics – Mutiny Kites

The Blast Frozen jam is an event that has been run for years in South Wales, It is known for its banter, riding entertainment, the welcoming locals and some local legends, from ex British champs to silver fox Marc Rowley from Blast kiteboarding.

On the 18th of March the whole Mutiny and Blast team set off from all over the UK to help out and pray for wind!

The forecast was poor but the turn out was great, by 9 o’clock on the Saturday we had twelve kites pumped up and a range of Blankforce boards out already! Everyone was talking about what 2011 had in store and with the BKSA AGM being held on Saturday evening and a few new brands floating around there were questions being chucked out from everyone, so we were all kept on our toes. As the sun dropped and all hope of a March sea breeze disappeared we packed up all the shiny new kit and headed for some grub and a pint over the rugby.

Sunday brought sore heads and many unhappy welsh people after the rugby the night before, but there was word of wind further west on the Gower! I slumped into the car, reached for my Bloc sunglasses and drove an hour to Pembrey. It is a fantastic beach with everything from flat water lagoons to 4ft kickers. We ran over the top of the dunes and there was wind, only 10-12knots but there was wind! With brand new performance kites from Mutiny to try and light wind F series kites we were all on the water trying our best.

We had Dan Sweeney ripping and popping out of everything blind, Mark Bashford being techy out on the course racing board and all the little rippers freestyling it up. There were also some locals making the most of the sun and wind on skim boards, there was even an 18m Cabrinha contra to be seen as well as many smiles!

The tide had gone out, the wind had dropped and we were all knackered, it was time to head off but not before a team talk from Adam Jones and the legendary Henry Rebbeck.A couple of days after we were still talking about the banter, the riding and the new kit so thanks to Marc Rowley and Sarah Eager the Blast kite jam lived up to its name and more!

Tom Butler


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