Newbie from Gloucester area

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Newbie from Gloucester area

Postby PJMuir » 15 Jul 2016, 14:40

Hi all,
I'm just starting out, looking forward to booking my first lessons shortly, any tips on things to do prior to my lessons to speed things along would be really appreciated.

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Re: Newbie from Gloucester area

Postby TooFarWest » 19 Jul 2016, 19:47

Hi Paul and welcome along, do you have any experience of kite flying at all?
When I started last year I bought a 4 line kite just to learn the basics (spent a good few hours static flying on the beach) there's plenty of tutorial vid's on YouTube and loads of advice from members here.

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Re: Newbie from Gloucester area

Postby Wenglish » 19 Jul 2016, 20:34

Hi Paul, I'm sure marc will have some suggestions but I would recommend having a look at the wind window and how it works and also some kite surf specific safety, this site is quite good as a starting point.

http://kitesurfing-handbook.peterskiteb ... ind-window

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Re: Newbie from Gloucester area

Postby PJMuir » 22 Jul 2016, 11:45

Hi guys,
The only experience of kite flying that I have is as a kid with a stunt kite, although I've wrestled with my fair share of rogue tents! I've decided to grab a rush5 350pro and get some practice in so I can concentrate on learning how to kiteboard and not just fly a kite. Thanks for the link Wenglish, I'll have a look at that now. My lessons are booked for mid August weekend, so should have plenty of time to practice between now and then.

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Re: Newbie from Gloucester area

Postby Julez » 25 Aug 2016, 12:00

Hi Paul,

Have you managed to get out?

I'm a new newbie too: My lessons with Marc (back in May time) were superb. I didn't focus on getting up and going, more on flying the kite, safety and body dragging.

This stood me in good ground to gradually become more independant (tough psychologically for me) and to get up and ride.

As others have said, there is no substitute for just flying the kite and becoming intuitive with it (i'm still getting there).

Hope to catch you out.


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