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Newbie from pontypool

Postby Mattphilpott » 21 Apr 2016, 22:06

Hi guys!!

Bought my first kit from Marc and Sarah yesterday and love it! :)

Had my first session with out being on a lesson down coney yesterday and was awesome!! MASSIVE THANKS to Tim for towing me in and the reassurence i got from richie, since i couldnt relaunch my kite! I was devestated that i got changed since was perfect as soon as the wetsuit came off!

I think i might be a tad obsessed! :)

The kiting community is amazing and everyone is so easy to talk too! Am looking forward to many more sessions with you guys! :)

Ayone out and about next wednesday?

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Re: Newbie from pontypool

Postby blast » 21 Apr 2016, 23:36

Nice one Matt

Yup we really are so lucky we have such a great bunch of kiters here in S.Wales and awesome beaches too.

I'm sure (if it's windy) there will be people out next Wednesday (sadly I can't make that day)

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Re: Newbie from pontypool

Postby Mark111 » 19 Nov 2016, 16:04

Hi Guys

I'm thinking taking this up I wonder if any of you will be down at the beach next sat or Sunday if so could I pop down for a chat and advise please .

Think looking on here is a two day course with Marc I will book that after seeing you guys getting ready to go out and watch how its all done.

I will keep a look out on here to see when and where thanks

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